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MJ-SB03/2012 – Back in the bag
At last, some time home alone to play my second favourite type of tie-up game.

Sorry about this being very long – I suffered from ‘idiot fingers’ when trying to save the video and currently have no images to share (see ‘What could be improved’ for more)


70den open crotch nylon bodysuit
20den sheer pantyhose
5 knee-highs
Large butt plug
Small stool
Home made ‘penis’ gag
Duct tape
Black lycra body
Large plastic bag with attached breather tube
Elastic band
Vacuum cleaner
Digital timer
Ear Plugs

The session:

After what seems to have been a lifetime I was finally not only home alone, but guaranteed to be undisturbed for a whole 24hrs plus! In short I was free to indulge myself in some serious self-bondage fun. The only dark cloud on the horizon was a niggling injury that I knew would limit some of my scenarios.

With the votes in from my forum poll (thanks to those who took the time) considered, I was going to try several different scenarios and, if possible, deny myself any orgasm until very late in the day.

My first choice was a real favourite of mine – the vacuum bag!😁

Clothing would be simple; my nylon bodysuit (open crotch, with inbuilt penis sheath which went over my condom encased cock), followed by sheer pantyhose and black Lycra body. I had aeady inserted the well lubed butt-plug an the pantyhose and body worked to push it pleasantly deep inside my ass as I moved around the room.

I also added my ear plugs, pushing them deep inside my ears to both protect me and also add the strange isolation of near deafness.
I set the stool up inside the bag; the area between the legs filled with pillows and with a towel between the stool legs protecting the delicate plastic from accidental puncture. I set up a webcam to capture the session and record direct to my laptop hard-drive. The vacuum was tested and the pipe from the cleaner positioned so that it was deep within the cushions, preventing the plastic from sucking into the opening. I also used a short length of cycle inner tube as a seal for where the vacuum pipe entered the plastic back (this works just as well as tape and is much easier to remove without damage to the delicate bag).

The digital timer was set to start the vacuum after approx 15 minutes, run for a minute, then switch of for 4 minutes before running for 5 minutes. The one minute session is always to check my comfort and safety. I can last for 2 minutes (if calm) without air and that safety factor is one I use to double check I am ok for the longer 5 minute session – any issues I abort before the vacuum re-starts. (I can also break out of the bag, just, but doing so will destroy it and is a final, real emergency, back-up escape).

My gag for the session was a new DIY ‘penis’ gag, which I had fashioned from a disposable asthma inhaler used by my GF. I’ve always thought these to be quite phallic in nature and tease her about them when she uses it. You will recall that I’d aeady adapted one as a DIY enema plug ( link ). This time I had simply drilled a hole through the plastic that was exactly the same size as my breather pipe. I placed the plastic penis, ‘tip’ first, in my mouth and then thoroughly secured it in place with duct tape, ensuring that the seal around my lips was as airtight as possible. Using sharp scissors I worked a hole through the tape to match up with the hole in the base – testing the opening for size with a spare section of pipe, the fit was very tight and I had to bite down on the plastic to stop it from pushing down my throat.

Satisfied that it would work and that I could breathe freely through the gag I pulled an knee-high over my head and tore a small hole to align with the opening. This was partly my desire to be 100% encased in nylon (well, very nearly) and also to mask my face from the camera. ☺

Checking the timer (and resetting the clock to give me 14 minutes before the power came on) I gathered up a strong elastic band and 4 more knee-highs and, after starting the webcam recording, I quickly carefully stepped into the bag. Once inside my first action was (and always is) to attach the breather pipe to by gag – again this took some effort and I had to bite down hard on the plastic to hold it still as I pushed the pipe home (the fit was very secure), only when I was happy that my airway was clear did I continue.

Taking great care not to damage the plastic I positioned myself bent forwards over the stool, kneeling on the floor, with my legs each side on the stool and my ass extended slightly back whilst my chest rested on the stool top. I reached upwards to the open end of the bag, gathered in the plastic rim and using the elastic band created an airtight seal. I fumbled to pull two knee-highs up each arm, past the elbow, adding a final double layer of encasement to my predicament.

As always at this point time seems to slow down. I was sealed within the plastic, with only a 14mm wide pipe connecting me to the outside air. I could draw air in through my nose, but it was warm, smelling of my sweat and arousal. I sucked air in through my nose and blew it out through my mouth, until I started to become slightly light headed at which point I switched totally to breathing through my mouth. Not knowing how for sure much time remained before the vacuum switched on all I could do was try to settle myself calmly in a comfortable position, experimenting with how my arms would be and deciding that grasping the bar of the stool under where my head would be was a good starting point.

Still waiting for the timer to kick in I went through the usual worries – would the timer work? Had I switched the vacuum on? Would the seals work? Was my airway clear?

After what appeared to be an eternity the vacuum suddenly fired up, it’s muted roar just audible through the layers surrounding my body and the plugs in my ears. The process always starts of relatively slowly; the plastic initially crinkles, then draws closer to my body before suddenly snapping tight around me. This time I immediately knew I’d got my set-up just about perfect.

Sometimes, if the seal isn’t perfect, the vacuum holds but is constantly drawing in air through the tiniest hole in the bag leaving a small degree of movement, but this time after the initial surge there was no relaxing of the vacuum and I found myself being clamped tighter and tighter by the enveloping plastic layer.

My head was forced downwards overcoming my attempts of resistance, bending my neck down and in, towards the legs of the stool. I almost panicked, imagining the breathing tube being forced into the plastic and sealing off my air supply, but thankfully it remained clear. My legs where so immovably clamped to the stool that the wooded frame was almost painfully pressing against my thighs. My hands suffered worse, being crushed against the frame so hard that the edge of the wood painfully bit into my fingers. My torso was similarly welded to the top of the stool, effectively leaving me utterly immobile and truly helpless.

Always before I’ve felt that I could break free of the plastic membrane by pushing my fingers through the material, but this time that simply wasn’t an option. With a sudden thrill, I fully understood my predicament – I was truly and helplessly trapped, with escape only possible through the power down cycle of the vacuum cleaner. I was no longer in any kind of control of my fate and I loved it! Only the discomfort of my fingers caused me any concern.

The 1 minute cycle seemed to run forever, and my fingers screamed for release, but I was still revelling in my helplessness. Eventually there was silence and the vacuum very slowly released its grip around me. At last I could free my aching fingers and flex some life back into them… but I was incredibly aroused and wanted more.
I knew I had 4 minutes to either escape or re-position myself before the cycle started again – it didn’t take even 1 second for me to elect to be helpless again!

One change I knew I had to make was to reposition my arms for the longer cycle, moving them to the front legs of the stool with my hands grasping each leg. I also shuffled my torso forwards across the stool, moving my breathing tube further from any risk of obstruction.
The 4 minutes seemed to fly by as my excitement built, the muted sound of the vacuum cleaner taking me by surprise as it re-started.
Once again the bag pulled incredibly tight, with all the seals working perfectly. The vacuum around my head was especially intense; sucking the plastic so tight that I couldn’t open my eyes. My head was again bowed down by the action of the plastic pulling tighter and tighter, and my hands and arms, in their new positions, became welded to the stool legs. The whole experience was just as intense as before, but there was more to come.

This time, whether because of my new position or the longer cycle time, a new experience forced itself upon me. The gag, previously a mouth-filling but inert object, now seemed to come alive as the clamping of the bag forced the plastic penis inexorably deeper into my mouth. The action was unexpected; I was being involuntarily being forced to take it further into my mouth, with the plastic penis slowly slipping deeper and deeper. I must confess that I’m not able to deep-throat and so my limits are probably laughably small. The plastic plug I used is 85mm long and 33mm at it’s widest. There is a 10mm ribbed base after the smooth body of my fake penis and normally I can not take it close to that depth. Today however I was fighting to prevent the invader slipping into my throat. My mouth was full of saliva (it was dripping out of the breather tube) and I couldn’t quite grip the smooth plastic with my teeth. At first this was alarming as I almost gagged, then my teeth held it for a short while and I relaxed. But my respite was short lived as once again it slipped deeper inside before I could grip it once more. Eventually I felt the softer ribbed plastic against my teeth and was able to gain a firm grip on the intruder. The initial gagging had subsided and my feelings had slowly changed from alarm through acceptance to arousal.

As always once I knew I was helpless, but safe, I relaxed into the zone of self-bondage bliss and I began to let my imagination and fantasy take over. My situation was incredibly erotic, no rope or chain could have held me so immobile with my whole physical being welded to the unforgiving wooden stool. No amount of struggle (and believe me I did try!) gave me any slack or freedom of movement. I could just about rock the stool from side to side, but my body never shifted its position against the wooden frame. I fantasised about all kinds of additions to my predicament, becoming aroused and desperate for stimulation but unable to gain anything. My cock was hard, but trapped against the stool top with no amount of effort bringing stimulation; the plug in my ass was equally immobile, held firmly in place by the plastic clamping around my body.

During those 5 minutes of utter helplessness I was at the mercy of my imagination and arousal - any touch from outside would I am sure have resulted in almost immediate orgasm. My mind was full of the most intense imaginings of sexual eroticism, many beyond my ‘normal’ (whatever that might be) limits.

Too soon the vacuum was released and slowly I emerged from my plastic cocoon – sweat soaked, aroused and desperate for more.

What went well?

The vacuum seals – they where the best I have achieved for a long time, bringing the ultimate experience of being cocooned in the tightest plastic encasement imaginable.
The position – the stool is a new purchase for the household and I am very pleased with how it can be (mis-?) used for self-bondage fun.

The gag – It was so challenging, but so erotic I must do it again.

What could be improved?

My PC skills! – I had 5Gb of video capture for one of my most intense sessions ever, but I failed to format it properly (I clicked out too early - fingers still in nylon encasement!) before doing the ‘Save captured file as’ action… what an idiot! It’s now lost forever, though I now realise I could have saved it all….DOH!
Longer sessions – when things go as well as they did I wish I was longer in the session, but I’m unsure about overloading the vacuum cleaner. I will do better next time!
The gag – I want to explore this area further, the hard plastic was effective, but I think something broader and softer would be even more arousing. I also would like a larger breathing tube, but that needs the broader penis head as well.

Hope you enjoyed my long posting and as always, but especially with this scenario, PLAY SAFE!


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