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MJ-SB03/2016 – Recreating a chair tie #1
I love trying to re-create a bondage scene I’ve found on the internet, using the original image as my inspiration, and to start off my Home Alone fun and games I had a number of such images to try out.

40den closed crotch, long sleeved nylon bodysuit with sheath
15den glossy tights
Lycra body
Black wet-look Body-con dress
High heeled boots
10 knee-highs
Butt-plug (medium sized)

The session:
As my first session for ages this was not going to be complex or long duration, but would get me nicely into the mood and test out my gear.

0 inspiration.jpg thumbnail   
My muse for the session was this lovely lady, who qualified as an EOTD when I first espied her.

1 ready to start.JPG thumbnail   
All my gear set ready to go

2 legs.JPG thumbnail   
I love cinching a rope tightly around my upper thighs; they are a strangely erogenous zone for me. For the record: I was cleave-gagged using knee-highs under a hood made up of more knee-highs. I always wear a condom, just in case I get too excited, and the plug was firmly up my ass.

3 where does this go.JPG thumbnail   
Figuring out how to thread the ankle rope to the back of the chair

4 chest ropes done.JPG thumbnail   
Tightening the waist and chest ropes with cinches between my body and the chair – not easy to do on your own. I also ‘enhanced’ my chest with some bundled up tights to give a more feminine look… ahem!

5 done.JPG thumbnail   
…and done. I know you can’t see them, but my wrists are bound, though quite simply, behind my back.
What went well?
Just being dressed up and in bondage was fabulously nice.

I really enjoyed the chest and waist ropes as they increased and enhanced my feelings of helplessness, even if they are very difficult to tie on your own!

Using a rope from my ankles to pull them back, under the chair, and slightly lift them was another experience that I will do again (for some reason I feel so much more ‘vulnerable’ when my feet are off the ground)

What could be improved?

Stupidly I ran out of rope... Dash1  or at least rope that I could reach! An amateur mistake, but once I realised there wasn’t enough to complete my bondage as I’d wished I was already firmly tied to the chair and didn’t want to stop! Next time I’ll make sure there is more than enough close to hand.

I had planned to purchase some silicon breasts and a wig to better reproduce the ‘damsel in distress’ look; however time ran out to guarantee delivery before my GF returned. It’s a luxury I know, but, like latex, it’s something I would like to try.

This was comfortable and I could imagine doing a proper session with a delayed release when I have another ‘Home Alone’ session.
Better location and lighting - I’m looking into relocating my self-bondage to another room in the house that will help with camera positions and lighting. I’m slightly cramped in my current play room and my ‘poses’ aren’t quite as I would like them to be.

Where the hell did that beer belly come from?! Shocking display of something I genuinely don’t have… I must learn to pose myself more thoughtfully and listen or the countdown chimes of my camera timer.
Hope you enjoyed my session as much as I did – despite the failings.
Play safe!
(04 Nov 2016, 22:19 )madjack Wrote: Using a rope from my ankles to pull them back, under the chair, and slightly lift them was another experience that I will do again (for some reason I feel so much more ‘vulnerable’ when my feet are off the ground)
This is something I always wanted to try. So simple, but with a serious "helplessness" effect.

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