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Lycra self-mummification
Well, here is something I did for fun, or maybe for warming myself.

- Two lycra zentai suits with a zipper in the back (any, I used these two: 1* 2)
- A pair of pantyhose (any, generic)
- A belt (any, generic)

1 Wear the 2 zentai suits normally, layered.
2 Use pantyhose to bind your legs together: insert legs in one sleeve, and wrap the other one around your waist, thighs or knees. Use more pairs if you want.
3 Loop and tighten the belt around your waist. It should be tight enough that you can't push a hand between the belt and your waist. Obviously you need a belt that is possible to tighten that way.
3b You can use this moment to apply blindfolds, gags etc. and zip the zentai suits shut, if you didn't want to do in step 1.
4 Carefully pull your arms from the sleeves of the outer zentai suit, while continuing to wear the inner zentai suit normally. Invert the outer arms, cross them inside the suit, pull tight and make a knot inside the suit. You'll want to make a knot that you can later untie.
5 Pull the outer sleeves, now knotted, over your head (inside the suit), and behind your shoulders.
6 Now pull your arms from the sleeves of the inner zentai suit, and repeat step 4 using the inner sleeves. Do not repeat step 5.
7 Move your arms behind your back. First push the left hand behind your back, fingers first. Help with the right hand, pushing the wrist of the left hand. Then push the right hand behind the back, fingers first. Help with the left hand (which is now behind your back), pulling the fingers of your right hand. This will of course be very difficult.
8 Enjoy!

Escaping involves doing all the steps in reverse. While step 7 only involves some physical labor, lots of sweating and dexterity, steps 6-4 are the difficult ones. I found it's difficult to un-invert the sleeves and reinsert the arms inside the constraining outer suit. Part of the attraction of course!

*) My favorite. Though it has same measurements as the other one, it is somehow tighter. Obviously I wore it on top here.
Great technique! A variation I enjoy is to replace the outer zentai suit with a scooped-neck unitard. First I put on a zentai suit, then put my legs into a single leg of the unitard. Then I put the other leg of the unitard over my head and wriggle my way inside. The unitard completely covers me, then I remove my arms from the zentai suit, completing the mummification effect. Since my arms are inside the inner zentai suit, I can no longer reach the unitard's opening to work my way back out.

Another thing to try is to tie the zentai suit's arms together before putting it on. You can still put your arms into the suit's arms, but they are knotted together at the end. Then you cross your arms in front of you, and work the "arm loop" over your head so the tied arms end up behind you. Slide them down to your lower back so your arms are held like a straightjacket. Then you can finish wriggling into the unitard. This is much more difficult to escape from so I don't do it often. Smile
Thanks for your input Helpless85! I'd like to try your way some day. Unfortunately I don't have the type of unitard you described, and none of the pantyhose that I have, have enough fabric in the crotch to allow pulling the other leg over the head.

As for knotting the sleeves on the outside, crossing them and pulling the loop over the head and the torso, I rather not risk having a loop around my neck that I can't remove blind. I have previously had one close call with that.

Today I tried my way with three zentai suits instead of two. I felt a sensation I never have felt before. Even though the situation was completely in my control, subconsciously I could feel an onset of panic. I was fighting off a sensation of panic from the closed / confined space while struggling to pull my arms from the sleeves of the innermost suit (i.e. while still preparing, which I was ultimately unable to do). I did not succumb to the panic, but it was an interesting experience. I have never felt claustrophobia before.

Previously today, I also tried to do this with the fists ducktaped into... fists, before wearing the zentai. Because I couldn't close the zippers, that attempt remained incomplete.

I also discovered that the orgasm I have felt many times while doing the neoprene puppy technique, wasn't so much caused by the confinement and breathing through zentai as it was caused by my soles rubbing against my dick while I tried to walk on my elbows and knees. In truth, it was probably the combination of all that though Smile

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