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Self-mummification with bulk lycra
I enjoy self-mummification quite a bit, and one technique that really works for me is to take a roll of pallet wrap and stretch it out around a dresser (or similarly large piece of furniture), starting at the bottom and working my way up. After tearing off the wrap from the roll, I grab the loose end near the top of the dresser, then wrap myself up, working my way around the dresser. The wrap starts at my shoulders and ends at my ankles. This method is very effective. To get free, I just cut my way out using a knife or screwdriver held in my hand during the wrapping.

This technique led me to wonder about using bulk spandex instead of pallet wrap. There are some cheap online sources for bulk spandex that you can purchase by the yard in 60" widths. This seems ideal for stretching around a dresser. Then you could wind it around yourself the same way, making a soft but tight cocoon, even around your head since the material is breathable.

Has anyone tried this? I want to hear about other people's experiences before sinking too much money into something that might not work too well!
It's a nice idea, but how would you attach the loose end of Lycra to yourself once you reach the end? The pallet wrap would simply stick to itself, whereas the lycra wouldn't.
...and how would you escape?

Cutting wrap is both (relatively) easy and inexpensive - cutting Lycra isn't!

A nice idea but not, I suspect, a practical one.

Yes, using lycra body bags is easier and more practical. But the main question remains - how to make body bag self-mummification "time-releaseable"?
I settled on a "two unitard" technique. Nylon/lycra Capezio scoop-necked long sleeve unitards work pretty well - the material is fairly strong and stretchy:

I enter the first unitard via the neck hole, head first, pulling the whole thing down over my body so my head is up in one of the legs. The sleeves are dangling, one in front of me, and one behind. I work myself into the unitard until the arm sleeves are near my feet, then I can shove both feet into one of the sleeves, and work the second sleeve over that. Leaning back and stretching out my legs tightens the leg of the unitard over my upper body and head, and the sleeves over my legs. I can still work my hands free via the neck of the unitard which is down near my ankles. With this limited use of my hands, I grab the second unitard, and slide my legs into one of its legs. I work the free leg of the unitard towards my knees, until I can work the second leg over my head and shoulders. I slip my arms back into the first unitard, and wiggle my way into the second unitard, which eventually slips completely over my upper body. I lean back again, and the second unitard slides over my upper and lower body, completely encasing me.

The effect is very nicely improved by encasing my legs and arms in pantyhose or tights before getting into the unitards.

Getting free requires working my arms down near my ankles, out of the neck hole of the innermost unitard, and reaching the upper part of the second unitard to try to pull it off my upper body. This usually works just fine, but I keep a knife or scissors inside the encasement just in case I get stuck.

I haven't tried any kind of time release yet, but I imagine some kind of ice-locked cuffs that keep your hands away from your ankles would work. Or if there was a way to temporarily lock a waist belt on, you wouldn't be able to reach your ankles until the belt falls away.

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