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Lurker comes out and swimming fully clothed
Welcome katria, great that you posted, we need all the contributors we can get! Cybergoth and steampunk are interesting themes, I think they each deserve separate threads, (though steampunk is but retro-cyberpunk I suppose...).
(28 Sep 2010, 08:08 )katria Wrote: I even forgot to take some wet pic after I was done. Maybe next time.
That would be nice!

Also you can take some photos in the shower (like this series: ) or indeed right after swimming (like these photos: , )
Looks cold ;-)

This is what I always wanted to do: to swim in a lake (e.g. in the Alps) or in the sea dressed in a swimsuit/leotard and pantyhose or latex. Did not have a chance, so far. Either too cold, or too late or too crowdy.

Good candidate for this thread (swimming in pantyhose):
Nice... I bet if this lake was in Europe, it would be crowdy indeed.

What I miss in this gorgeous landscape is snow caps.
(06 Oct 2010, 03:27 )Like Ra Wrote: Nice... I bet if this lake was in Europe, it would be crowdy indeed.

Are you implying that Europe does not have many lakes?