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Looking for a specific skirt
For quite a long time I am looking for a specific skirt that I have seen in a music video from Black Eyed Peas, "My Humps". The video is not available on youtube, so I took a few screenshots. It doesn't need to be exactly the same skirt, but similar cut, could be stretchy, which might be better for fitting my fairly narrow hips, it can be longer... Anyway, so far, I haven't found anything remotely similar. If you have ideas where to look, please post them here.

You could keep an eye on the 'sheerglamour' ebay shop, it might even be worth dropping them an email (the owner does claim to be 'TV friendly'). They currently have this skirt which seemed very like the one in the clip until I noticed the embroidery down the left side :-(


This secretary look seems to be targeted directly to TVs Wink

The embroidery kills the image, but they have other models without that. I will watch this. However, it should be a little bit longer, about calf-length.

Thanks for the link!
Is it an option to commission one?

RoSa Shoes make custom-sized hobble skirts in various fabrics. A calf-length, fully-lined non-stretch satin one is £75 (acout 93 Euros) but they also show other pencil/hobble skirts in a metalllic lycra material which might be a bit cheaper as it doesn't need lining.

Videos here. Well worth a look even if you're not thinking of buying Wink
RoSa makes nice stuff, thanks for the link! I wonder if they were ready to make a non-hobble skirt, they seem to be very fond of their "secrets". It is odd, calf-length skirts seem to be available mostly in very wide or as strict hobble skirts, nothing in between. While looking around elsewhere, I found some nice stuff, so I have to wait a bit.
I found some more shops on the internet, mostly not quite, what I want, but still interesting. I should post the addresses in another place too, so others can find them
browse for more, I found these two items, a dress and a skirt, both made of spandex, shiny, cool. Shipment to Europe is 48USD, I am hesitating to order. I actually wonder, if I should order five skirts and sell them on ebay.

DE Store: Amazing-Lace-Outlet -> Skirts

same skirt in short, I got one of those. This is not the usual spandex quality, it feels like rubberised strong spandex, a material, that I like a lot. Might be a mix of PU and something else.

DE Store: ICE-cool-ICE-cool-fashion-clothing -> Skirts

skirts made from "sateen", stretchy shiny material, quite the same shape as the original from the video.

I will keep on looking. 48 USD shipment for an item that costs 18 USD, that is very much. On the other hand, I want that skirt... And the dress is cool too!

Hmmm, should upload images...

Youtube has the video now, only 480 res though:

(22 Oct 2012, 18:57 )sphun Wrote: Youtube has the video now, only 480 res though: ...

Not available in Germany. Perhaps this existed on youtube all the time, but I only found a reversed version for Germany, which I had to re-reverse.

But I didn't come here for this. I have an idea:

If I can sell 5 skirts on ebay for 27 euro each, I have a skirt and the dress for free. If I can't sell them at all, the price for skirt and dress would be double. The calculation includes shipping and import tax. I think, 27 Euro is a realistic price, but would they sell? Should I get two of each size - small, medium and large (one large for myself)? Would this picture sell? I tried to make a "chimera" - mounting the image onto another one, but it didn't work.

That's the problem I have too. I hate the ado of selling stuff. I have a helluva items I need to sell, but I can't find time, energy and courage for years.
Why does it need courage to sell those items? Too special? All of them?

I am not a great salesman either. I sold a few "harmless" items on ebay and either felt cheating or cheated. Cheating, although I knew fairly well, that price, quality and everything else matched. And you have to take photos, write up some cool text in hip lingo etc. etc. Though, if I will be going for the above business plan, I'll look for similar items, check a few descriptions on the internet, start the selling and try not to think about again until cashing in or failing.

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