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Poll: Are you interested in downloading all media from this site via bittorrents?
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10 20.00%
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LikeRa.Com siterip torrent and RetroShare collection
Is anybody interested in downloading all images, video and audio from the website via bittorrents? The website is fire anyway, and to prevent site overloading by ripping/scraping, I would better offer separately what's the most of visitors is about.

There are some technical issues (mostly file naming), but I'd like to know if it's worth looking into.

The current size is about 10GB.
Now to the technical issues. This is the forum image file structure:

7K    post_4206_1510419592_d7651691eb0341b1b1687549a3cabfd7_thumb.jpg
1.0M  post_4206_1510419592_d7651691eb0341b1b1687549a3cabfd7.attach
7K    post_4206_1510419592_feb8ae2a1ca2d61fa6080e87e7ca42fd_thumb.jpg
898K  post_4206_1510419592_feb8ae2a1ca2d61fa6080e87e7ca42fd.attach
8K    post_786_1510157076_2a859788a22dec3004050e6e96509ac8_thumb.jpg
514K  post_786_1510157076_2a859788a22dec3004050e6e96509ac8.attach
7K    post_9366_1509683202_ccd74f1ba031beefaf53ccc61f65063c_thumb.jpg
51K   post_9366_1509683202_ccd74f1ba031beefaf53ccc61f65063c.attach

o- File names are quite cryptic (to allow uploading multiple file with the same name)
o- The thumbnails have the proper extension (.jpg, .png, .wbem, etc)
o- The actual file have the same extension .attach

It is possible to delete all thumbnails and rename the actual files to have the proper extension, but it will take time and double space. The easiest way is to use the forum/blog backups for the torrent without changing anything, but that might cause some confusion. Any ideas are welcome.
So if I wanted to download the whole ball of wax, could I just go out and buy a 20 gig drive and download it as one big file?

I have an extra 80 gig I'm not using right now.
In the end, it will not be a one big file, but thousands of small ones 😊 But the actual torrent file is one and small.
Ok, I'm not that tuned to doing all of this web building, as I do more with hexadecimal coding on micro controllers.

So I will be downloading a single small file that will allow my computer to save all the little files?
Am I close?
#6 😉

Next question: what bittorrent site to use? ThePirateBay is one of the obvious choices, but it's blocked from a number of countries.
Yea, ThePirateBay got a flag on my computer. Easy to over ride the flag, but when I did, a whole nest of flags popped up.
If it just a bunch of pictures, videos and music, I would have no problems. But a program that could copy everything and just dump it into my hard drive with out checking, That can be very bad for me and my computer.
(01 Dec 2017, 18:07 )Tinker D Wrote: But a program that could copy everything and just dump it into my hard drive with out checking,
Only what you ask it to 😊
Could you setup a temp FTP site, and just grant access to whomever you select, than they could login, download what you grant access to.
The beauty of bittorrents is distributed storage and parallel downloading. If the site is down, the content will be accessible from those, who already downloaded the files.

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