Like Ra in latex catsuit, latex mask and high heels
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latex one piece
Womens One-piece Bodysuit Lingerie Cutout Chest Patent Leather Crotchless Catsuit Shiny Wet Look Long Sleeve Leotard Jumpsuit

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Latex on eBay - interesting finds
The same guy sells a matching transparent latex inflatable hood

Gone for 81 and 58.50 euros correspondingly. Not bad at all, I must say. Anybody from this forum?
What a great catsuit!

 transparent-latex-catsuit-09.jpg     transparent-latex-catsuit-10.jpg   

Transparent latex catsuit
DE Store: hotnightlatex

It should ideally fit men with wide shoulders. For example, hmmm... me ...
Who's got size L and height 178-185?

 latex-leotard-36.jpg     latex-leotard-37.jpg     latex-leotard-38.jpg     latex-leotard-39.jpg     latex-leotard-40.jpg   

Silver latex leotard with long sleeves
me, but no money atm
Interesting transparent latex stockings and interesting price:

 transparent-latex-stockings-04.jpg     transparent-latex-stockings-05.jpg     transparent-latex-stockings-06.jpg   
A clever idea - combine transparent latex with tattoos:

 transparent-latex-briefs-01-tattoo.jpg     transparent-latex-briefs-02-tattoo.jpg     transparent-latex-briefs-03-tattoo.jpg     transparent-latex-briefs-04-tattoo.jpg   

transparent latex strings with tattoo

DE Store: rubberik
Why didn't I see this latex swimsuit when I bought mine...

 transparent-latex-swimsuit-06.jpg     transparent-latex-swimsuit-07.jpg     transparent-latex-swimsuit-08.jpg     transparent-latex-swimsuit-09.jpg   

transparent latex string swimsuit
DE Store: rubberik
Beautiful Simon O transparent latex tights for men:

 transparent-latex-pantyhose-with-back-seam-04.jpg     transparent-latex-pantyhose-with-back-seam-05.jpg   

Transparent latex mens pantyhose with back seams

I wonder what is that black thing hidden inside?

 transparent-latex-pantyhose-03-stockings-fishnets.jpg     transparent-latex-pantyhose-04-stockings-fishnets.jpg     transparent-latex-pantyhose-05-stockings-fishnets.jpg     transparent-latex-pantyhose-06-stockings-fishnets.jpg     transparent-latex-pantyhose-07-stockings-fishnets.jpg     transparent-latex-pantyhose-08-stockings-fishnets.jpg   

Transparent latex pantyhose with fishnet stocking look and back seams for men
Finally, a latex hood with a condom that will go deeply down your throat. 16x5cm! I think this condom will fit 90% of all cocks.

 transparent-latex-hood-01-condom.jpg     transparent-latex-hood-02-condom.jpg     transparent-latex-hood-03-condom.jpg     transparent-latex-hood-04-condom.jpg     transparent-latex-hood-05-condom.jpg     transparent-latex-hood-06-condom.jpg     transparent-latex-hood-07-condom.jpg     transparent-latex-hood-08-condom.jpg   

Transparent latex mask with built-in condom

At least my favourite deep-throat dildos should feel comfortable in such a condom 😋

Not sure about the lens, I would like to have no eye openings or see-through plastic.

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