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Jeff Gord May 5th, 1946 - September 3rd, 2013.
RIP Jeff Gord, an inspiration to us all.
Great loss.
He was great
A sad lose to the scene - Gord was a creative genius and seemed to have an endless supply of willing damsels to fix into his deliciously devious devices.

He will be missed

Wow I just made a reference to House of Gord in a previous post. Dude passed away ? I always wondered if he really had hot ass chicks seeking a thrill by being in his videos or if he had to pay them an extreme amount of money for them to do the things they do.

Quotes I found interesting:

Gord Wrote:Originally none of them had fucking machines attached. I only started adding fucking machines when members and other people at the House of Gord asked me to. My interest in the bound female form does not have to include penetration or fucking for it to work form me. My main interest is tight bondage and objectification.

Quote:SM: Do you have any patents? Can you tell us about them?
JG: You can't patent a sex device in the USA. They stopped doing it years ago.

Quote:SM: Do you consider yourself a sadist?
JG: No. As John Willie said, I like to bother ladies, I don’t want to hurt them. All of my work is very tongue in cheek. I don’t go with the Master / Slave thing. I don’t consider I am superior to the female of the species. In fact I often think they are superior in many ways. My favourite saying is
"When God gave out the tools of life, he gave man a dick and physical strength;- then he gave women the rest of the damned toolbox"
Another interview with Jeff:

BTW, does anybody know what happened? 67 years is nothing these days. You even still have to work...
Princess Anne is kind of not looking at the camera...