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Jaked swimsuits.
First they were against the rules, then they were OK till the end of 2009.
Does anyone know what the current thinking is?


I'm sure we all remember the seam problem though...

Thanks much Culmor! You saved me lots of time, because I was collecting Jaked swimsuit photos for a new post. I wonder if they can be bought. Probably not...
Definitely would like to try wearing one, but as far as I know, those are pretty much custom made for fit with sponsorship money or something.
I don't think you can really get this good fit from something you buy from a sports store.
[Image: eng_swimsuits_1_BM__628210g.jpg]

What I wonder is, do those male athletes have really small junk or how does the formfitting garment hide the manly shapes so effectively? Look at this for example.
It could as well be a female's crotch.
(28 Dec 2009, 10:16 )Joyl27 Wrote:
It could as well be a female's crotch.

Er, it is a female crotch. Specifically, it's Dutch Olympic swimmer Lia Dekker's crotch Wink

The 'News' page of the Jaked website reads:

Sconto del 20%
Dal 1° OTTOBRE al 31 DICEMBRE 2009 - Sconto del 20% su tutti i costumi della Linea J01.

which leads me to think Jaked J01's are available to the public.

Edited to add some more pics:
(28 Dec 2009, 11:45 )culmor Wrote: Er, it is a female crotch. Specifically, it's Dutch Olympic swimmer Lia Dekker's crotch Wink

Really? On the page, it is written "you see here, worn by French swimmer Frederic Bousquet."
I think the text is a little ambiguous. Wink
Agreed, the article is badly worded, but I'm still convinced that's Lia Dekker:

Here's the image adjusted to match the skintones:

Just for interest, here's a super-high-resolution version of the pic showing the Jaked suit's fabric in detail (and some feminine-looking hands and fingernails...)

Edit, second comparison pic added.

Edit again, and I think this is definitive proof, look at the tattoos and muscles of Frederick Bousquet himself:
This has to be photo-shopped, right?
But still looks cool! My last hope is synchro-swimming ;-) They do not care about the speed, do it would be pretty normal to wear long-sleeved leotards with pantyhose.
More Jakeds:


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