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Latex swimsuits and leotards. Photo, Video
All information, photo, video, ideas, where-to-buys, etc about rubber swimsuits and leotards.
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Latex mermaids, swimming in latex, men in pantyhose and be like Cher
Latex swimsuits
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(22 Mar 2011, 17:35 )Like Ra Wrote: Related articles:

Latex mermaids, swimming in latex, men in pantyhose and be like Cher
Latex swimsuits

(22 Mar 2011, 20:52 )asfxea Wrote: For more on this theme see

They both are in my bookmarks ;-)
Model: Lauren Lascivious
Photographer: John McIntire
Latex: Catalyst Latex
Make-up: Emma Kendall
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Big Grin  You vill enchoy, ja?

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Latex swimsuits look so natural. I wonder why they haven't made to the "mass media". Rubber skirts, dresses, leggings are already there.

latex-swimsuit-35.jpg thumbnail    latex-swimsuit-41.jpg thumbnail    latex-swimsuit-42.jpg thumbnail    latex-swimsuit-44.jpg thumbnail    latex-swimsuit-31.jpg thumbnail    latex-swimsuit-32.jpg thumbnail    latex-swimsuit-33.jpg thumbnail   

Yes, I must admit, that transparency is a bit risky, but the opaque version should be OK. Rubber is made for water!
Mmmmm - latex swimsuits!

tumblr_p9f66rJ0li1xtx6ivo1_540.jpg thumbnail    tumblr_pd3vf4wCRD1rn21imo1_540.jpg thumbnail    tumblr_pdh483k5SS1tlh4kvo1_540.jpg thumbnail    turquoise_and_white_latex_13_by_okt0br-dch8lop.jpg thumbnail   

... and no apologies for throwing in a little bit of rope  Big Grin 


(17 Aug 2018, 15:58 )madjack Wrote: [Image: post_14_1534514182_199310e803aba7e33fa9c..._thumb.jpg]  
I wonder why Jim did not choose sheer-to-waist pantyhose here.
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