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Introduction time
Well, as common social protocol dictates, I am here to say hello. lol

I've lurked a bit on here throughout the past year or two. Never really read anything in detail as I never had even a remote possibility of attempting anything, thus little point.

Anyways, this are looking possible now for every once in a while so here I am joining. lol

Since its an intro post.... uhh....

I'm a male.
I'm big on anime so I guess I'm a nerd as well. lol
Embarrassing as it is, I swear I'm all female on the inside (not gay... maybe?lol) and thus have a fetish I guess you could say, for tall boots and certain interesting/cool clothing.
....Wow, what straight man would say that....? lol

Im in the Portland/Vancouver area so if there are any others from here that are in the area, eh, maybe have a pow wow. Big Grin lol

So yeah, hi all.
Hi Noire!

Unashamed nerd here, you might find there are more straight male crossplayers than you imagine. This is the only costume I have with over-the-knee boots though:

DKR2.jpg thumbnail    heels.jpg thumbnail   

Ra tells me it's not fetishy enough Tongue
Yay! lol

What kind of boots are those though? They look custom....
They are, did the heel mods myself to a pair of Pleaser thighboots using a mix of aluminium mesh, styrene card and angle section and epoxy putty.
(16 Jul 2014, 09:42 )culmor Wrote: a mix of aluminium mesh, styrene card and angle section and epoxy putty.
(16 Jul 2014, 06:03 )Noire Wrote: So yeah, hi all.
Aaaaaaand welcome! Wink

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