Like Ra in latex catsuit, latex mask and high heels
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Interesting forced standing
So I decided I wanted to do another forced high heel standing session. This time I used a pvc pipe and chain attached to my collar as a yoke. Tide that to the top of the doors and ankles to opposite doors. I could have let my self out whenever I wanted but as some of you know I have a large window in my place. I had placed the keys to the locks right in front of the window. I also added obstacles like chairs and bags to slow me down. 
I got dressed in my usual layer attire but with a new tighter corset. I also used the tallest heels next to the ballet boots so I could spend some time tied up. In all I was bound standing fo 25 min before the vibrator got the best of me. If not for that I could have stood here at least an hour but would have gotten bored. Hope you like the pictures. Let me know of any suggestions stor future dares.
 IMG_0194.JPG     IMG_0196.JPG     IMG_0185.PNG     IMG_0186.PNG     IMG_0187.PNG     IMG_0188.PNG     IMG_0190.PNG     IMG_0192.PNG     IMG_0193.PNG   
Your vision seems to be covered by a hood. How hard does that make seeing and breathing? Also, are you wearing a gag underneath the hood?
(11 Oct 2019, 22:16 )Frank Wrote: Your vision seems to be covered by a hood. How hard does that make seeing and breathing? Also, are you wearing a gag underneath the hood?
Not that hard really. It’s the hood of the zentai suit. And yes I did have a gag. Never the same without one.

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