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Insert a link not working

Trying to add links using the 'Insert a link' icon and things are not right - I used to be able to highlight a word in my text. click the icon and then paste in the URL creating a neat clickable link.

I.e.  click here to see military ties - but I'd highlighted the word 'here' not 'I.e. click'

so trying it differently I'll type in the word 'here' and the URL using the same icon after the 'I.e. click'

hereI.e. click - now that is really annoying it's simply dumped it at the start of the sentence

it used to work so well.... what's gone wrong?

Link works for me
Another method also works for me but with a twist
It keeps adding new text to the label
For me it works as before. The most annoying thing is when it does not stop adding text to the inserted link. But I always use the "raw editor" to fix it (the rightmost button or Ctrl-Shift-s).
Most odd- still playing up for me (had to heavily edit below to get the link in the right place) - and this may (or may not) be connected.

Whilst uploading some images today I spotted that unlike before the recent forum changes  the images did not load in the expected sequence of 1,2,3,4, etc. But instead loaded as if the cursor was always at the start of the line... (so appeared in the order 4, 3, 2, 1)

 Capture.JPG    - this is how it looked in it's 'raw' state.

O! That's something new... Just in case, what browser (and version) are you using?

Is anybody else experiencing the same?
Just in case - I did not change anything since May 30. WordPress upgrade is not related, since WordPress and MyBB are completely independent from each other.
(19 Jun 2017, 11:00 )Like Ra Wrote: O! That's something new... Just in case, what browser (and version) are you using?

Is anybody else experiencing the same?

interesting- just tested using Edge and that was ok for loading images and posting - unlike when I used good old IE11.

will test some more

(19 Jun 2017, 12:15 )madjack Wrote: good old IE11
(19 Jun 2017, 12:31 )Like Ra Wrote:
(19 Jun 2017, 12:15 )madjack Wrote: good old IE11

Yes, yes, I know... , mock all you like - but I don't like Edge, think Chrome is too 'intrusive; and to be honest am plain lazy! IE generally works, or at least it did!

Mmm... What about Firefox + AdBlock + Vertical Tabs? Chrome is not good if you have lots of open tabs like me, but generally it's faster if you have no more than, say 4 tabs (Chrome runs every tab in a separate process).

(19 Jun 2017, 22:51 )madjack Wrote: am plain lazy
Yeah, a typical excuse I'm beginning to appreciate more and more 😋

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