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Ice self-bondage lock. From 1 hour to 4 hours
Ice self-bondage lock. From 1 hour to 4 hours
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I have some pics in my collection too

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These girls are still in high school.

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 4a06846acce5ac48c3814663eac1383e.jpg     5acd52b0950be39ccf8e036db4633a6b257e5e59.jpg     7afe0cc638f4f8be14f34e56fa8c7e00d48ede58.jpg     17d4186d4b9c28989fe9d17da9a8d114.jpg     61ae5a4054d0837f6995ad922d9d6169.jpg     90d01f7a3a9b88bc513e2d949c95f33a.jpg     203c8a6cd0ccab1bbb6430c24ea69b66b52d398e.jpg     327c1e542f37fec51b3b3eab2dd89d0c.jpg     0860b27a75c43bcd3b69afff98241d87.jpeg   
Some more girls from Bondage High School.

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 905027a2cdb43ef569ff7244b09d7442.jpg     b320706725483e2f6a73803490c2f6d15e12ca1e.jpg     c11d139094aa786ad450a558468b2b5e.jpg     e9dcdc9a22179ffd2b644cbb9940bb66b63ab224.jpg     f0e27cf44c4e8f8bcb9129dd59177f328fa8673e.jpg   
Then we have this young lady having a technical problem with her suit.

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 22478d894b04a7c5e4b3f425010f0d11edb4b88c.jpg     fullbody_b.jpg     leotard_b.jpg     leotard_bg.jpg     sk6.png   
And to finish off four younger girls and a young boy.

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 0f2b05ce63a8f8885a99627ea062c6da16b777a8.jpg     4d56a72d53778560d4347333a0b518e8.jpeg     5acd52b0950be39ccf8e036db4633a6b257e5e59.jpg     81fb9dbac6c570acbc6fca35fa6189a1.jpg     2db8216ed8227dcf54087e225034c37c.jpg   
Here is a young lady showing how to do a self suspension. Make sure you make arrangements for somebody to come and set you free lest you end up spending the rest of your short life hanging from the ceiling.

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 40ae3cea45514825ad11e45698827dc1.jpg     25627b9f2d69a11bb9cd657fafd30fba.jpg     0ceb4161e03d4ef8b355b6c506e607f4.jpg   
Instructions by another young lady from the same high school in doing a good self bondage hogtie.

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 7c40ac420d0c3761297cb7886029d64b7fc0b4f2.jpg     cglilish101-en.jpg   
A few more sets of instructions.

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 3d0778b6acfda1cef7ed2848b02e52c67cac64f4.jpg     5666f88e571ddf83f9a68f6428853a6258245a25.jpeg     845799fd391abb96d73ead2358d0d6a89b3be237.jpg     9db85ed997798cc6e503743f955ec4701c198b3a.jpg   
Then there is this poor little fox girl that did not plan well.

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Almost all (if not all) these pictures are aeady on this site. For years 😉

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