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Hypnosis enhancers and helpers
There are many ways to increase hypnotizability. For example, meditations, oxytozin, but also other hypno-files made specifically to help people be more open to suggestions. If you know any good methods or have files that you think can improve hypno-results, please let us know!
I use this "enhancer" from time to time, also played simultaneously with EMG's files:

Quote:This has EMG's Suggestible deeply embedded in the signature Trance Maintenance binaural. Be aware this files makes you more susceptible to EMG's voice and his files specifically. It is intended to make you susceptible to his commands and bring you under his control. It need not be played loudly to be effective and works well looped softly behind a playlist.

.mp3   Subliminal_Suggestible_(MP3).mp3 (Size: 9.37 MB / Downloads: 5)
I'm going to try this one:

Quote:This file is aimed to make you more suggestible to subliminal suggestions and affirmations in general. It even improves suggestions and affirmations out of your past. howsoever, after using this one and implanting it into your mind you get much more faster results. Depending on your suggestibility you will be amazed how fast subliminal affirmations and suggestions work for you in future.

you can listen to this file as much as you want, but don't overdo it, because to much would stress your mind. At all drink a lot of water and keep yourself hydrated.

maybe you know subliminal files are file where the suggestions and affirmations are implanted inaudible, some are masked behind the music, others are really silent above 15kHz, which is consciously inaudible, but your subconscious hears and understands them all. Even because they are inaudible they bypass your conscious resistance easily. so get better results much more instantly.
This is just another way to improve hypnosis and your results, if you give it a try.

Always listen to subliminals at a lower volume, especially if you use headphones or earbuds. you even can let it loop over night at a very low level which is even very effective. only avoid listening while driving a car or doing other things which need your full attention, because the music includes relaxing elements for even better effects.

.mp3   Subliminal_Booster_(Subliminal).mp3 (Size: 71.72 MB / Downloads: 4)

found this today:

There are two more - a course?

Maybe interesting for you out there....

This guy "collects" minions to rule them all Big Grin So these enhancers are supposed to make you more suggestible to "Master Lex".

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