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Hypnosis enhancers and helpers
(10 Jun 2020, 09:45 )JessicaSissy Wrote: Tricks for trance loop:

I’d like to teach you a trick or two about going down into deep hypnotic trance. But I bet you’ll discover that it’s not really a trick… it’s really quite easy…..
There isn’t just one kind of trance… one state of soothing relaxation or one level of suggestible submission.  Everyone’s mind is different.  Everyone’s dreams and desires take their own shape.  Trance is just a state of relaxation and focus.  Sometimes it is unconscious focus…
In this conversation and instructional style session, you will learn about and practice suggestibility.  You will discover that hypnosis accumulates in your mind, and each time, it helps you learn how to go deeper.
I will use some eye fatigue techniques, fractionation, layered tracks, and a conversational style to help teach your mind some tricks about trance.
This is a loop, so feel free to hit the repeat button and keep practicing…. or maybe you just love the sound of my soothing voice and want to hear more of me.  Either way, I’m sure you’ll enjoy this session.
  • Hypnotic Loop:  Hit play / repeat and listen as many times as you choose

  • Conversational / Instructional style hypnosis training

  • Eye fatigue & open/closure

  • Fractionation

  • Multi voice track programming / Layered voice tracks

  • No Count Up at the end

  • Isochronic Tones

  • 19 Minutes

This one really helped me and probably would help some others who are new to hypnosis. I was confused and unsure if I have been in trance state/hypnotized at all but this file helped me get rid of most of the doubts.
I am quite binging on what is available via her Patreon 10 $ tier. Her inductions are incredibly effective for me and this prevents the files becoming boring, something that I eventually encountered with a lot of popular names. Also, I added the numbers 3-13 to a few of my profile names today.
Suggestible by Cardigan

Quote:Cardigan version of the HypnoEMG file Suggestible. It is intended to be looped and does not put you under, but conditions your mind to be more readily open to suggestions. Makes Cardigans other files have more profound effects on you.

Cardigan - Suggestible.mp3 (Size: 12.66 MB )

Quote:This version merely places Cardigan's reading of EMG's Suggestible at a lower volume level, with my Trance Maintenance binaural playing in the foreground, edited to make it loop nicely. Suggested use: Play the mp3 until you hear Cardigan's voice, then turn down the volume until you can barely hear him. Not for use when driving or when alertness is essential.

Cardigan039s_Suggestible_-_binaural_(MP3).mp3 (Size: 12.82 MB )

Quote:This file is based on Cardigan's reading of EMG's original script, however it differs in that the word 'obey' has been completely omitted from the file. Although not intended to induce deep trance, this version comes with its own awakener to completely return control to your conscious mind at the end of the file. As with all of my files, it will be best enjoyed with stereo headphones. Try trancing to it, then try letting it play in the background while you do something recreational to see which way works best for you.

Calimores_Suggestible_(MP3).mp3 (Size: 24.38 MB )

Attached Files
Cardigan_-_Suggestible_(Script).txt (Size: 10.09 KB )
Good Hypnotic Subject Conditioning

(10 Jul 2018, 15:08 )Like Ra Wrote: Now guys, tell me how it works? Because.. it does ... But ... HOW????

Nothing kinky here. Nothing at all. It just a ... G-file by Sarnoga. Because, well,  everybody needs a G-file...

what does it actually do though?!
(26 Oct 2022, 01:14 )rebroad Wrote: what does it actually do though?!
Good question. At least it suddenly put me in a deep trance.
there was a file about using masturbation/strokes to deepen suggestibility, does anyone know of a file like this?
What helps me trance away is good relaxation.

What I mean by that: relaxation is not just sitting there in a comfortable chair or bed. That is relaxing in itself, yes, and should wave away most of the tension, but relaxation can be increased, and it helped me to go deeper.

Have you ever had to play dead or unconscious so that you would let all your limbs go loose and limp? This action of letting go of control over your limbs is a voluntary action that can be done consciously and repeated, even while seated and completely still aeady. Your limbs don't actually have to flop to the floor or something. Just this action of letting go will give you a moment of even deeper relaxation, even if it's just the feeling of letting go... Now I do this automatically when being told to relax even more now.

This makes the sensation of body parts feeling like they are getting heavier and heavier more intense, leading to complete motionlessness, not wanting to move any muscle.

After some time of training all that, I can become completely numb at some point, not even feeling physical distractions anymore, like flies trying to land on me.

Maybe an important note at this point is that it all takes training, and won't happen right away for most people (although some say it did for them, good on them, for me, it didn't). And even after years of going deep there are good and bad days and things not always work smoothly, so I have to make use of the strategies that I developed for myself.
But when it does work... oh man...

Every hypnosis is self hypnosis, you won't do what you do not want to do, so let go of the fear of someone hijacking you, all they do is support a part inside you that wants certain things to happen. Of course this can interfere with indoctrinated world-views, leading to "unwanted" outcomes, although it is just kidding oneself.

With that in mind, trust is an essential part for me to relax good at someone else's command, happily receiving suggestions and having a feeling of joy which can increase to a level of my body just flooding myself with oxytocin and causing that tingling sensation growing from my heart throughout my entire body. As a sidenote, Breastplay also helps to make the body produce oxytocin and i think that also works for males without hormone therapy, at least it works for me being on HRT for 15 years now. So there can be great synergies 😁

Of course my mind just won't shut up, that is why there almost always is some distraction to point your focus towards in a good hypnosis file, like a front speaker or spirals or even pendants. It is the part that makes Milton Erickson's rapid inductions possible, in that case causing a big enough physical distraction, like yanking the subject's arm when shaking their hands, for spoken words to pass any filters of the subject at the right moment, going straight to their subconscious mind, unfolding there.

What I want is my mind to shut off and just listen to EVERYTHING that I am being told, but that state comes and goes and isn't a constant state right away. I can train myself to go longer and longer like that, eventually reaching an entire session length.

But even then, sometimes my mind just tries to break out. Although I can manage to shut my inner monologue off most of the time, sometimes a word pops up, and I have to actively put that thought aside again, not dwelling on it, and just move on. And sometimes when I get my inner monologue to shut off, my mind starts to give me visions of thoughts that make my mind wander off from the hypnosis. What helps me the most there, is repeating back the words I am being told with a slight delay, so I give myself that "task" for when my mind wants to go somewhere else. I do not have to repeat everything fully, eventually slipping deeper into the hypnosis again, with my inner echo merging with the spoken words. In there another helper is imagining to speak those words myself, just feeling as if those words are coming from my own vocal cords, of course not actively speaking them, but just immersing myself in the feeling of being in sync...

I hope that helps someone to go deeper or to find your own strategies, it is just my first-hand experience, I am not a professional

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