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Electronic selfbondage and chastity box
Electronic selfbondage and chastity box

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Hypno-fetish art
(15 Mar 2019, 21:11 )DoreiGring Wrote: I sometimes make hypno art.
Please share more! But what is the story behind this image?
(18 Mar 2019, 01:34 )Like Ra Wrote:
(16 Mar 2019, 09:46 )madjack Wrote: still for over 2hrs
Twelve hours! Not two! 😋

What's 10 hours between friends?  Lol 

Now.... Look into my eyes...

 c__new_insight_about_life_by_scalesandspirals-dbtbt1q.gif    - (animated) 

You are feeling sexy, very sexy... will set up a new self-bondage session, with gag, enema and a 12hr release..

...dress in your finest pantyhose and Lycra..

...start your camera taking photos of your session...

...tied yourself up and relax...

...and when you are eventually free you will post your session on the forum for us all to enjoy!

 c__rubber_horns__2__by_scalesandspirals-dd198mr.gif    - (animated) are you still looking into my eyes?


(15 Mar 2019, 21:21 )Like Ra Wrote:
(15 Mar 2019, 21:11 )DoreiGring Wrote: I sometimes make hypno art.
Please share more! But what is the story behind this image?

Oh, I have one story, but I find it more interesting to know what other people come up with!
(19 Mar 2019, 11:41 )DoreiGring Wrote: what other people come up with
For now it's not even clear what you mean under "swimslave" 😉 From my point of view, anybody who participates in swimming competitions is a swim slave 😁
Hi-tech brainwashing:


Does anybody have such a girlfriend? 😋


I am determined to get @Like Ra back posting his wonderful self-bondage sessions again, let's have another go!

 bdsmlr-78894-ITQBi508eY.gif    - (animated) You are feeling like a young woman, pert breasts, long legs and very turned on. All you want to do is dress in your sexiest clothes and take photographs as you tie yourself up.

It's got to be worth a go!  Lol 



Ps. sorry about multiple entries - something went very odd... 


...I can't seem to recall what I was saying...


I'm feeling sexy, my breast are so pert, my long legs should be clad in nylon, I have a camera and some ropes.....
(17 Apr 2019, 12:07 )madjack Wrote: Ps. sorry about multiple entries - something went very odd... 
Trance states are like that 😋
Hypnosis? What hypnosis?

 hypno_feminization_06.jpg     hypno_feminization_05.jpg   
Can I manage to upload some gifs I wonder?

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