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How far can you walk in 5 in stilettos ?
I love panties hose and Stilettos. Lately I've had the opportunity to wear them all day for several days in a row. I've tried taking my evening exercise "health" walk but find that I just can't make the 3-4 mile walk. So the question is:

What is the furthest you have walked before giving in and taking them off ?

My longest walk in 5" (4" plus 1" platform) was about 1km. Plus several hours during the Europerve fetish event.
sometime i wear 17cm heels all day without taking off
yep, I've gone some 6-7 hours during the day in and around the house. During the day like that I'm sitting and just standing like behind the sink. It's the 1 1/2 hours of constant walking I just can't do. My whole leg, calf and thighs start to hurt. I guess I'll just keep up the workout and wear out the sole of the my Stilettos.
My heels are only 3.5in, but that's plenty high enough for me! Big Grin

The longest I've managed to keep them on was around 6hrs, some years ago when I was home alone. it was all inside but did include many trips up and down stairs - I suffered the same as DressBindFun did with aching calf muscles (worse than a 20km run).

One thing I have done recently whilst wearing my heels was to feed our animals - that was both thrill and a challenge. I can still hear the sound of my heels on the rough concrete surface outside and how tricky it was to step over the fencing between the animal pens. Smile

I think the answer is 'hidden platforms'. I have leather boots with 135mm heels and a small internal platform (around 20mm) that I can wear for hours but my rubber 140mm ones without platforms have me cramping in twenty minutes. That said, both have the all-important look and there can even be a perverse pleasure in 'suffering for your art' Wink Whether the leather ones being from a conventional High Street store and the rubber ones from a fetish shop is relevant I leave up to my readers to decide...

Left, comfy: right, ouch.

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In support of my uncomfortable pull-on rubber boots they have the best fit around the ankle of any boots I've seen. Here they are with the add-on cuffs I made for my 'Black Canary' crossplay.

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All day if i want. Took some training, but now i`m fine with that. Also at Party`s, with some dancing ^^
Some years ago, when I was more trained, up to 6-8 hour at long parties, almost without sitting at all.

Walking on street I have my record at about 7km. But with sore feet two days after. Thin sole of classic femenine pumps don´t help on uneven surface outside.
So how far do you think you could walk in these killer heels?

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I've never seen anything quite like them before Big Grin

(17 Jun 2014, 14:45 )madjack Wrote: So how far do you think you could walk in these killer heels?
Crawl you mean? Big Grin
(17 Jun 2014, 14:45 )madjack Wrote: 've never seen anything quite like them before
Indeed, me neither.