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Horrible stories of the past
I suppose, that many of us have done things in SB, that they would never ever do again. I would like to share such (short) stories here, out of interest and in order that others might think twice before trying something similar (admittedly, more the first aspect).

I will start, in order to encourage others:

When I was a teenager, I liked to play with chains and padlocks. One of my favorite scenarios was to wear a rain jacket, tie my feet to a chain around my waist, then - laying down first - tied my neck to a (cold) radiator, then my wrists to the waist chain: Hogtied and tied to a radiator. Wrists and feet were padlocked, the neck chain had a snap hook. I always kept the keys within reach (probably in one of my hands, can't remember that), but eventually, I got the idea to throw the keys away. Fortunately, I never did that, but this idea grew stronger and stronger until I finally decided that I can't do that type of bondage anymore, the key idea was extremely tempting and, who knows, I might have done it eventually.

A few years later, I did some SB while being heavily drunk. At that time, I had some nightmarish ideas, which fortunately, I never tried. I often thought about inescapable SB and being caught in the act. Apparently, I have limits, which even the alcohol could not break, but sometimes, I might simply have been too drunk to try anything at all, rather than being stopped by rational thoughts. One night I even wanted to place myself on the street in a hogtie and be found. I got as far as tieing up my feet before I finally chickened out. It is still an intriguing scenario for dreams, but in reality - hell, no, never!
Late seventies, stole family friend's tights from bedroom drawer.
Not caught but crucified myself over it (metaphorically lol ). Always bought my own ever since. Not easy in pre-internet days, I can tell some stories...
Crap... Firefox crashed and did not save what I wrote here.... Oh... not again.....
OK, let's go the easy way:

Story 1:

Story 2 and 3: