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Hello !

I`m Dave, 21 years old, from Holland.
I love crossdressing and (self)bondage.

Most of the time i do selfbondage, but i`m lucky to have a good girlfriend (not my girlfriend) that loves to treat me like a slave.

Have looked a lot in this site, so thought it would be time to register myself on the forum Smile

Hi Dave!

Crossdressing and self-bondage, what a nice mix Smile I am sure, you will find interesting stuff here. What type of bondage do you do? Rope, cuffs, other?

Looking forward to your posts.


I do bondage with leather wrist and ankle cuffs.
A leather posture collar and gag are also on my gear list.

I`ve got lots of woman clothes, from corsets, to boots, bra`s and leather look jeans. Cool