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Guisi-selfbondage - How does this guy do it?
Ok, so what do you think of this self-bondage?

 1__7__by_guisi_selfbondage-daot7pj.png     my_selfbondage_20_by_guisi_selfbondage-daot7z1.png    and animated fun  self_bondage_gif1_by_guisi_selfbondage-dao7bri.gif      - by the very talented Guisi (click to visit their DeviantArt site for much, much more)

I think it is rather clever and I love the whole encasement element


Is it indeed '"self"-bondage?
(21 Nov 2016, 22:56 )Like Ra Wrote: Is it indeed '"self"-bondage?

I confess that I also had doubts, but then I looked a lot closer and thought it was self-applied (I can see how to do most of it yourself) - still not 100% certain though.

(21 Nov 2016, 16:04 )madjack Wrote: Ok, so what do you think of this self-bondage?

and animated fun   - by the very talented Guisi (click to visit their DeviantArt site for much, much more)

I think it is rather clever and I love the whole encasement element



More from Guisi

 11_by_guisi_selfbondage-dapgefb.gif    and this next one is Guisi's response to a 'is this really self-bondage?' question and is intended to show the self-bondage process   process_by_guisi_selfbondage-dass92i.jpg   

What do you think?

I been following this person on Deviant Art for a while, and i can't tell if this is actually self-bondage. 
I can somewhat see how it works but it would require some custom made tools

I wish he would post a tutorial or something.
Hmm I can't believe that this is all self-bondage.
There are some things which I hardly believe can be done by yourself without any asisstance.
More from Guisi  - this time it goes wrong!

 1_by_guisi_selfbondage-dcd4zwd.gif    - (animated) a very painful looking tumble!  Scare3 

The good news is that I contacted Guisi and he reports to be ok, but looking at it (especially the proximity of his head to the door and chair) it could have ended really badly....

play safe out there


Interesting dialogue:

Sa1nt4ng3r: How did you tie yourself like that? [Image: eek.gif]
Guisi-selfbondage: [Image: winkrazz.gif] willpower~
Sa1nt4ng3r: And how do you get out again? [Image: =p.gif]
Guisi-selfbondage: struggle[Image: cries.gif]
Sa1nt4ng3r: And if that fails?
Guisi-selfbondage: dry corpse[Image: eek.gif]
If you look closely, you will see that he never cinches the wrist coil. He just slips the wrist in the loop and enjoy the moment with some (fake) struggle. Still an impressive technique though, especially the suspention, but a bit disappointing. Just image one last "pull" of a slipknot that ends that masterpiece of ropes Wacko1
Sadly, it appears that falling/slipping is a frequent cause of fatalities for selfbondage practitioners ☹
Play safe.