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Global Suggestion
So I've mentioned this a few times elsewhere, but this is a short intro to this interesting and powerful hypnosis technique.

First off, some links:

1. The old blog:
2. The FL group:
3. The archived site:
4. The basic induction: Local forum link (assumes female subject)

=== === ===

Downsides: The only serious criticism I've seen of the Global Suggestion is first, that it can make the hypnotist lazy or less skilled, because it's so easy, and second, that it can be tempting to dismiss the conscious mind of the subject too readily, and just deal with a more compliant subconscious all the time. I think the latter says more about the person who made the criticism than the technique though...

=== === ===

Introduction & Overview
For general reference, here is some basic information about what I call the Global Suggestion.

It is a method of hypnotic induction that gives the hypnotist a long-term ability to suggest changes in sensation, behaviour, body and memory.

It is especially useful as a tool for later applying random, ad-hoc effects that the subject can experience while fully awake and alert - days, months or years after the trance.

The Global Suggestion has two key pieces:

Early direct contact and communication with the subconscious, to achieve rapport and common purpose. During the "pre-talk," although you're apparently talking with the conscious self, you're also addressing the subconscious, who is sitting back there listening.

This pre-induction talk sets the expectations for how the conscious and subconscious minds should behave for you a few minutes later. Then, as soon as the trance commences, you can start addressing the subconscious directly.

I usually start with "Hello, subconscious," and wait for a response. During this trance conversation, you can enlist the subconscious, discover its desires, and offer to help achieve its goals.

A powerful, all-purpose suggestion that, after the trance is over, the subconscious should monitor whatever instructions you ever give to the conscious self, and should carry them out if they are in line with the subconscious' goals.

I usually say something like: "When your conscious self is awake and alert, pay attention to what I tell her, and make it happen."

The result is that, with no special preparation of triggers or post-hypnotic suggestions, the hypnotist can simply tell the conscious person what to do or experience, and they will experience those things, because the subconscious is carrying them out.

=== === ===

Alternate Personas
In my view, creating alternate personas yourself is a bad idea. There's no way that you know all the necessary elements, or how that persona will behave when you're not present.

Fortunately, there are two other better ways to give someone the changes in sensation or behavior that they desire.

One way is to tell the subconscious to make those changes to the conscious self. This is for changes that the conscious self agrees to as a long-term change... things like removal of old unwanted inhibitions.

The other way, for temporary play, is to set up a trigger that removes the conscious self's access to certain sets of memories. (I've written about 'personality play' here a couple of times.) It's like a temporary 'sculpting' of the person's memory ... which results in them 'being' a different person for a while. I've used this for a person who wanted to be a bimbo for a while, or for someone who wanted to play as herself 3 years earlier or 15 years earlier. The advantage is that the remaining personality is entirely authentic - they don't have to add any play-acted roles.

Sometimes it takes some creativity to turn "black" into "white" through memory sculpting, but I find that everyone is complex enough to have the components available somewhere in their existing emotions and personalities. Again, this is for temporary play, as the memories don't actually go away but are simply masked or hidden by the subconscious for a time.

=== === ===

The Subconscious as Spy
I have found that the use of GS [Global Suggestion] and cultivating a working relationship with the Subconscious is particularly valuable in a power exchange relationship. I think of this functionality as the SC [Subconscious Mind] being a spy inside the subject. The use of this spy functionality renders the subject an open book.

Having a relationship with a subject’s Subconscious gives the hypnotist, access to a great deal of information from the subject’s past and present which the subject may not remember, may not think important, or may be reluctant to reveal. Others have commented on using this access in therapeutic contexts. What I want to consider here is that used appropriately and with the consent of the Conscious, this approach can add immensely to the intimacy of a relationship, and the effectiveness of a dominant/master in a power exchange relationship. For a subject who is excited by the fantasy and reality of being controlled, it is perfect. I would emphasize that this is not a substitute for deep connection with the C [Conscious Mind], but that it is quite fulfilling/exciting, humiliating for the C to learn from me that I know even trivial things that she did and thought without her telling me.

For example, I have spent many hours talking to my subject’s SC about her life before we met. As I aeady know a huge amount from talking to her C, it is easy to ask non-leading questions about obviously important situations or people from her past. Doing this I have learned quite a bit that filled in holes in my understanding of her past. The SC has also told me many very moving stories of events of her childhood and early adulthood. In all cases the C confirmed the memories and in many indicated that she had forgotten about those events. In one case when I asked the SC if she knew why the C loved this one kind of animal, the SC told a moving story from her teenage years and made a plausible connection which the conscious had never made, though she remembered the events. So in my case it has been an amazing tool for going very deep into the experiences of my beloved. It also puts her in the position of being an object of my study in ways which she "cannot" control.

From the perspective of a master, the SC will faithfully report to me the thoughts, actions and dreams of the C. So the C has absolutely no privacy. She can hide nothing from me. I know which fantasies she had when, what she was doing and thinking at any time I would choose to ask about and so forth. And the SC will also just volunteer particularly interesting information of types that she knows I am interested in. This is, of course, a dream from the perspective of being a master and from the subject’s perspective, if she gets off on humiliation and being controlled.

But one of my favorite uses for this functionality is as my assistant in scenes, either with the C in trance or out. The SC will tell me exactly what is going on with the C. She advises me on exactly the highest e-stim that I can use before it interferes with the arousal of the C, which is typically an excruciatingly high level. She often makes suggestions both for lowering certain stimuli and for raising others. She is adept at breath control. I just tell the SC to hold their breath until the visual field of the C starts to go white, then let her breathe. This can be embellished with the SC implementing hands or rope around the neck and/or making the C unconscious at the appropriate time and then letting her slowly regain consciousness. Quite distressing to the C and something that could not be so fine-tuned nor done so safely from the outside. The SC is a priceless assistant for fine-tuning “play” because of its direct knowledge of the experience of the C.

=== === ===

=== === ===


Part One

In case you hadn't figured this out by now, the hypnotism we practice is not a process of taking control of a sub's mind. Instead you're simply empowering your sub to be aware of her subconscious and let that part communicate with you more directly. It allows the subconscious to hand control of her mind to you -- to the extent she wants to -- just as the conscious mind has handed some control of her body to you.

The process is fairly straightforward, in three phases. First you put her into a relaxed trance. Then you deepen the trance, to the point where you're talking only to her subconscious. Then you instruct the subconscious.

Take each step separately, ask her for feedback, adjust accordingly.

I'll just cover the first step now: putting her into a relaxed, light trance. Relaxation isn't the only way to start hypnosis, but it's popular because people expect it and -- even if you get no further -- a few minutes of floaty relaxation are lovely.

In a quiet room, have her lean back in a comfortable chair. This trance induction requires her to focus her eyes steadily on something, while you talk her through a gradual and thorough self-relaxation. This concentration-while-relaxing is the key to the first phase.

Have her focus on any little shiny thing that is nearby, or any little object that stands out from its background.

Tell her to keep her eyes on it, not to let her gaze slip, not to let her eyes close, no matter how heavy her lids become, because once her lids close they won't be able to open again. Repeat that several times, interspersing that same message with instructions to gradually relax her whole body.

Name her body parts from the feet upward to the head. She should think about each part, feel it relaxing, melting, turning to rubber, going numb, whatever, and then move upward. Guide her.

Go slowly, give each one a chance to take hold. Add that every time she lets out a breath, out with it goes half her remaining tension.

Your words and tone are important. Be calm, confident and direct, but allow her to find her own pace; "describe" what she's to do but don't be pushy. Easy does it. If you've never talked someone into a trance before, you may be surprised at how little work you have to do.

This first phase continues until her eyes wink shut for the last time and her head flops sideways onto her shoulders. She's now in a light trance, feeling detached but listening to you. Tell her she's feeling lighter, floating up to the ceiling, hoisted by helium balloons. Let her drift; there's no rush.

=== === ===

Part Two
This step is all about deepening the trance you've just induced. You're trying to increase the conscious mind's focus on something else, and nudge it gently out of the way, to free up the subconscious mind.

Her eyes are now closed, so you need to giver her something new to focus on -- some sort of guided imagery. If you've seen enough movies or read enough stories, you know the sorts of thing: Take her on a mental walk down a long beach, with the waves crashing in, gulls screeching, hot sun. Or have her step slowly down a long staircase, counting each step down to zero as you go. Or send her anywhere else that she will find familiar and easy to imagine.

Wherever you send her, give her multiple "senses" to work with. Point out not just what she's seeing but also what she's hearing and feeling and smelling. You don't know which sense she's best able to "imagine" with, so try them all in concert.

I think it's important to phrase your instructions as directly as possible: "The sun is warming your skin" rather than "You're feeling warm" or "You imagine that you're getting warmer." In other words, don't use any phrases that remind her that it's imaginary.

The stair-step images are are nice because they give you a steady pace for emphasizing two things: How much more relaxed she's getting, and (very important) how much she wants to follow your lead downward. Point out that your voice is guiding her there, how your voice is the only thing she can hear now. Take your time, count the steps down.

At the bottom of the steps, or whatever goal you've set for her, she should be completely relaxed. Her conscious mind should be pretty thoroughly disengaged, and her subconscious sitting there idling, waiting to hear from you.

You may find this hard to confirm. After all, a light trance and a heavy trance both look pretty much the same, although her breathing will be almost sleeplike in the latter.

You can ask her a simple question, like "Are you comfortable" and judge how soft and distant her voice has become.

You can tell her that her arm is getting light, and watch how it drifts upward. An erratic, jerky motion is what you want to see. Too smooth a motion means her conscious mind just raised it for you.

Once again, there's no need to rush. She's unlikely to be measuring time very closely at this point, and will appreciate the calm. If it seems like she needs reassurance from you, say something like, "OK, now just float here for a few minutes until I need you again".

You'll want to pause now anyway to consider your next moves.

=== === ===

Part Three
OK, you have just brought your sub into deep trance, and we'll assume it's for the first time ever.

You'll be tempted to immediately act out your favorite sex puppet fantasy, but I recommend that you use this first trance for some important setup work. Install two simple instructions, one at a time. For each of them, tell her that after she awakes, her conscious mind won't remember or even hear the instruction when it's given, but that she will obey it without hesitation or thought. It's a good idea to slowly repeat each instruction a couple of times.

The first instruction is an "anchor" that you plant right here, so you can bring her back to full trance whenever you need to. For instance, tell her that whenever you touch her forehead, or say "sleep," she will immediately return here.

The second instruction is designed to be a "convincer" for after she wakes up the first time, to show her immediately the power of her own mind, in a non-threatening way. A classic is to have her hand float up and stick to her forehead, but you can improvise here.

End this first trance (she'll be back here in a minute) by repeating the instructions, telling her she'll be refreshed and alert when she wakes up, but pointing out that her hand should stay glued to her forehead. Then wake her up gently with "at the count of three" or whatever.

When she wakes she will stretch, smile, say that was nice, and then notice her hand. Tell her to try to remove it... She probably won't be able to. Point out how this demonstrates the potential of her subconscious to control her body. Be kind, not gleeful. Tell her that you'll put her arm back to normal by putting her back into a trance. Then before the conversation goes on much longer, invoke the trigger to take her there.

(Few things are as hot as watching a sub collapse into trance at the sound of a single word.)

Repeated wake/trance cycles seem to help the mind practice this dive, getting better at it each time. It's a good idea to reinforce it with a few gentle words reminding her of the great relaxation here and how her conscious mind is busy elsewhere.

But you're probably eager to get on with interesting effects, so while she's here in the second trance let's install some.
1. Some commands are meant to be scenes right here, in trance. She will act them out as though experiencing the illusions ("you're a hungry kitten"), but may not remember them when she wakes later.
2. Other commands are meant to be "post hypnotic" triggers, meaning they take effect after she wakes up. Things like "after you awake, every time you hear your name, you'll laugh" fit this category.
3. My favorite is the global trigger. Install it like this: "After you're awake, whenever you hear me say 'ocelot', whatever order immediately follows, you are to obey it without hesitation." As with the others, she should be told that her conscious mind won't even record the orders she hears; she will simply obey. The benefit is that you don't need to put her back into trance every time you have a clever idea.

Look through our other postings to get an idea of the kinds of instructions you can use -- altering sensations, behavior, memory, even gender.

Keep all these things simple and clear. You're addressing her subconscious, and you don't yet know how well it memorizes instructions, which senses it has the most control over, or how willing it is to obey.

Whatever instructions you install, remember to install a way to reverse them!

Now, give a final run-through of all instructions, tell her that her conscious mind will have no memory of the trance, and tell her to wake up fully alert on the count of three.

=== === ===

=== === ===

Finally, I've attached a PDF featuring a whole slew of reports, techniques, and the like compiled from the blog and FL group. It's a fair sized document, but I hope it's of use to those here.

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