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General hypnosis and NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) discussion
All general hypnosis discussions/posts are moved to this thread.

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Important Replies
RE: General hypnosis discussion - by Like Ra, 30 Oct 2017, 23:06
RE: General hypnosis discussion - by Like Ra, 13 Jul 2018, 03:08
RE: General hypnosis discussion - by Like Ra, 15 Jul 2018, 00:53
Speaking about hypnosis. There are many types of it, and some forms can be used to connect you to the "3d party" energo-informational structures, not always good ones. And you, by agreeing with the "terms & conditions" (inside the hypnoprogram), may give your permission to do so. Yet another method of energy milking 😉 So, I prefer to stay away from such things.

For example, as stated on one of the sites, you agree to serve XXX (you, actually, have no idea what/who XXX is), in other words, you voluntary agree to donate your (at least sexual) energy to that XXX egregor with, basically, nothing in return. You got excited thinking about that egregor, you masturbate thinking about that egregor, you lose time in wet dreams provided by that egregor. Need I say more? 😁 But it's your free choice, which is respected by the Universe, but you must've been warned in advance...

Self-hypnosis is a different thing. It's more of a meditation. Yes, not always a good thing either, especially if you do not know what (or whose) energy leads you...
You are right, it is important to be careful to whom you submit, just like in a regular bdsm relationship. Trust is important, I couldn't let go without it.
As for the energy thing, I have experienced the opposite. I sleep better, I'm motivated to keep my home clean, eat healthier and I have started to exercise regularly. But everyone is different...
(13 Dec 2016, 18:58 )occorics Wrote: just like in a regular bdsm relationship.

(13 Dec 2016, 18:58 )occorics Wrote: As for the energy thing, I have experienced the opposite.
I was thinking about that. The role of the "brainwashing" program is to disconnect you from various greedy egregors (think of politics, government, media, social networks, clubs, pubs, etc) and possibly even energo-parasites (larvae, etc). What blocks leaking and losing a lot of energy. (This is also what hypnotic regression is about.) That leakage can be much worse than the stream they get instead. The balance is all yours.

(13 Dec 2016, 18:58 )occorics Wrote: But everyone is different...
Exactly. It might help in some cases, especially if you do not "practise" and/or your work is related to people or a system. 5-6 years ago I would probably "jump" on such programs. But not now ;P Now I"m not even sure about the "regression", which sounds very tempting...
Another possible effect is that meditations reduce the thought noise, eating huge amount of resources.
it seems that you have a new fetish 😊

Well, I do hypnosis too. But I do hypnotize other ... *fg* and yes it's a lot of fun.

Some Germans in the area around Bielefeld willing to be hypnotized? *hehe*

@occorics - do you, by any chance, know what makes a suggestion a "curse"? I see not all "permanent" suggestions are "curses".
(11 Jul 2017, 15:36 )Like Ra Wrote: @occorics - do you, by any chance, know what makes a suggestion a "curse"? I see not all "permanent" suggestions are "curses".

I think, a curse is only the wording to make it sound more forceful. In the end it all depends on how you interpret the suggestions for yourself. If you don't want it to be permanent, it won't be...

I'm now being conditioned by my Domina for more than a year and although the suggestions are strong, they fade after a while when they're not repeated.
Ra, I found that each file was fun to listen to and if you let them you can allow the fantasy to be very enjoyable. Can they change your behavior? I am a former research psychologist and learned what to me was the best method of hypnosis of Milton Erickson [not directly from him but from one of his students]. Hypnosis used as part of psychotherapy can be very effective if used with the right patient/client and by a very experienced clinician. However, the above files are fantastic to listen to as erotic fun and pleasure with the right partner (which I can not wait to use), however, I would guess would not actually change anyone longer term behaviors. That does not mean they could not be used in many kinky ways.
(11 Jul 2017, 23:39 )sweetrubber Wrote: Can they change your behavior?
From what I have read - yes, especially if the effect is suggested as permanent.

I still do not quite understand the term "curse". Curses are permanent, and some of them can only be removed by the original hypnotist. I think I mistakenly listened to some curses, but not all files are very effective, some needs repetitions and renewing, some are very effective right away. So it all depends.

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