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Forced standing on high heels
I just completed a self-bondage session. (No pictures, sorry.)

What I dressed with:
- medical pantyhose, tight, with a hole in front to pass-through the male parts
eBay: Medical support pantyhose
- man's thong, over the pantyhose
- women's swimsuit, high back, not tight
- women's underbust corset, with shoulder straps, back laces replaced with 2mm synthetic rope for extra tightening force šŸ˜Š
eBay: shaper underbust corset
- back posture corrector, to keep my shoulders back and corset laces out of reach
- women's leotard, size M (my size is large), long sleeves (not that long for me), turtle-neck, back zipper.
Search eBay UK: long sleeved zipped leotards
UK Store: LegWearUK
 blue-leotard-01.jpg     blue-leotard-02.jpg     blue-leotard-02-shiny-pantyhose.jpg   

- high heeled boots, tight around the ankles, 11cm, no platform, 2 sizes smaller but not very unconfortable.

- 1 pair of leather dog collars with extra buckle holes, wrapped around my wrists, padlocked
- a leather beld around my (now very small) waist, with extra holes in the back
- rope around my legs, creating a hobble so I could make aprox. 15cm steps
- a chain tied with one end to the door hinge (high)

- ice and keys hanging from a hook screwed in the top door frame
- a combination padlock (3 digits) and another set of keys far away on the floor so I could not get them before unlocking the combination padlock

To entertain myself I stared a slideshow on my computer showing fetish pictures.
I tied my hands behind my back and connected them to the middle of the belt using padlocks. Belt buckle was in front. I took the end of the chain and connected it to one of the hand padlocks using the combination lock.
I was bondaged and I could not get free until 1) keys dropped or 2) I guessed the padlock combination.

I watched the slideshow for some time, then I noticed that the ice would take too long to melt. I decided to get free using the backup release and not wait for the ice to melt. I grabbed the combination padlock and tried to unlock it.
Usually I can open that padlock in 5 minutes without knowing the combination or seeing what I'm doing. I only have to keep pulling the padlock while turning the digits and I can feel when the correct position of each digit wheel is reached. This time it didn't work that way.
Somehow the padlock was in a position that I could not pull. The digit wheels turned smoothly and I could not feel anything while turning them. Because it was difficult to reach, I could not even feel if the digit wheels were "set" on a digit or in between two digits.

So, my backup release failed! I could not open the combination padlock, could not reach the keys above my head, could not walk away to get the spare keys because the chain kept me near the door, and I could not even sit down on the floor because the chain was too short (intentional, to keep me on high heels). I felt panic for a moment. I am sure now that panic is NOT the feeling that I'm looking for in self-bondage. Panic while wearing a tight corset is a very intense sensation!
After a twisted and turned for while not knowing what to do, I struggled and somehow I reached the belt buckle in front of me and I untied my hands from my waist. They were still behind my back and because they were still connected to the chain, I could not sit down and bring them in front of me, nor reach the second set of keys. I only had some extra mobility behind my back.
This time I could grab the combination padlock better and after a while I got it open. I walked hobbled across the room and unlocked my hands with the spare keys.

Results of this session: fear, a moment of panic, clothes full of sweat, ache in my legs and corset marks on my body.
I'm thinking that if the keys got stuck when the ice melted, I could not get free by myself. I had a cord to pull them down, but there was a chance that the ring could get stuck.
While writing this, I just noticed that I forgot the apartment door unlocked. I tied myself directly in front of the apartment door. I could cry for help in the morning (after 5 hours of standing on high heels) and someone neighbor would come in to free me, but imagine the embarrasement. If the door would have been locked, the only other possibility was to ask him to break the door, as I could not reach the door lock.

I do SB once a month on average. I did it for more than 20 years, so I consider myself "experienced". SB today was scary. I'm thinking to quit doing SB before something very bad happens.
What do you think?
(06 Dec 2012, 03:16 )Max515 Wrote: I just completed a self-bondage session. (No pictures, sorry.)
What do you think?

My kind of guy, into pain, and high heels can do just that, just takes time. Did I miss just how long this took?
(06 Dec 2012, 03:16 )Max515 Wrote: No pictures, sorry
Now with some pictures šŸ˜‰
(07 Dec 2012, 16:48 )DressBindFun Wrote: My kind of guy, into pain, and high heels can do just that, just takes time. Did I miss just how long this took?
The ice takes about 2.5 hours to melt, but I got free sooner. One hour maybe?
Forced standing on high heels (again). I'm doing it right now!

What I'm using:
- chastity
- men's thongs
- compression pantyhose (very tight and very slippery, did I say very tight?)
- long sleeve leotard
- aprox. 12 cm high heel shoes
- Gatta Brillant black 120D pantyhose over high heels, with holes for the heels
- chains around the shoes keeping them in place and tied to each other (20cm)
- waist belt with crotch chains (so I can't pull it up)
- leather cuffs tied in front to the waist belt
- rope tied to the belt and knotted to a pipe above my head where I can't reach
- main release: ice sock with keys
- backup realease: rope with keys held under a porcelain cup on a high shelf (pull rope, keys fall, but so does the cup)
- backup #2: a knife to cut the rope or cuffs
- backup #3: phone

You notice I'm taking extra precautions this time... šŸ˜

Here's a pic:

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Hi. Very cool. šŸ˜Š
How did you make the holes for the heels?

Scizzors. These pantyhose do not ladder.
Fantastic legs...
Nice!Ā  šŸ˜Š
Nice one. This was me locked in before starting my standing selfbondage. The lock box was set for 3 hours. Even if I got out of my selfbondage early Iā€™d be stuck in them.

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