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Electronic selfbondage and chastity box
Electronic selfbondage and chastity box

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Forced Orgasms
Hi, lately I have been thinking about the ways how to combine some bondage with what madjack outlined in his e-stim thread as
(30 Mar 2012, 17:25 )madjack Wrote: a way to tease myself whilst helpless and hopefully bring a planned session to a satisfying conclusion.
I would aim for a longer session with multiple orgasms. Apart from the pleasure of bondage itself, it would also serve as a way to force myself NOT opting-out after the first orgasm. However, to summarize it, there seems to be no good way to achieve this as a self-bondage.

My reasonable budget for the setup is around $1000. I have been considering something up to a total of $2000, but I'm not sure I'd dare to spend that much in the end.

I have spent some time looking at the fucking machines. Something like Thunder Balls is very flexible in terms of possible positions and angles. The main setup would be an arbitrary bondage that fixes you to a place + a Fleshlight attachment thrusting at a low speed. What happens after the first orgasm? Well, you can get something like Rubber Gates of Hell and use a Stretch Cord to connect the D-ring of the gates to the back of the Fleshlight case... Not sure that the gates combined with fleshlight would make it any enjoyable. And the (lack of) lube (say, in 1h-2h long sessions) is also big question.

Would other uses of the fucking machine out-weight this? The thought of trying the machine for anal stimulation while being bound up is arousing (although I agree with the ideas in this topic that it's often more about fantasy). However, in this topic Like Ra rightfully points out the problem of insufficient lube after 20-30 minutes. Mind you, even disregarding the lube, being fucked for more than 20-30 minutes might be questionable. (And I'm thinking about the more low thrusting scenario once again, for the sake of safety.)

What are the other interesting options? Venus2000 won't hold on you after the first orgasm. A milking machine from seriouskit sounds nearly perfect, apart from being way too expensive. And, ehem, too loud; I would like something that's not heard from too far away. I have just started thinking over e-stim, it is quiet and possibly cheaper than all previous options. It's still a question for me whether achieving hands-free orgasm is easy (I saw this topic by madjack, but I want to believe that with better tech it should not be too hard). The main downside this far is that the setup of the bondage might be harder, you need to stay aware of the implications of the "no current above waist" rule.

This was partially discussed before, but I thought I'll bring this up again. Does someone have any good and reasonably cheap ideas of achieving the kind of 'prolonged teasing' I described above?
A while back, I was thinking of a way to get multi organum by using a fuck machine. Again, the problem was the lube. This led me to ask about prostate stimulation.

A device that you can put on, like a waist belt, and connected to the crouch strap would be a rather fat dildo. It can be smooth or bumpy. Inside the dildo is another dildo ( don't know what to it yet ) that slids in and out, by the use of a motor. This second dildo would move in and out across the prostate gland causing you to have an orgasem.
The inside penis is well lube inside the larg but plug, so that the anus is protected.

This is a basic idea for this harness. It is locked on, and add self bondage, it should last the life of many, many batteries.
(21 Dec 2013, 00:14 )Tinker D Wrote: A device that you can put on, like a waist belt, and connected to the crouch strap would be a rather fat dildo. It can be smooth or bumpy. Inside the dildo is another dildo ( don't know what to it yet ) that slids in and out, by the use of a motor.
This reminds me of the anal tunnel. Tried that - does not work. You do not feel much.

(20 Dec 2013, 22:15 )IncEra Wrote: Does someone have any good and reasonably cheap ideas of achieving the kind of 'prolonged teasing' I described above?
In my opinion the only more or less reliable and safe way of prolonged stimulation is using vibrators. What cb3000/6000 crappy plastic cock cases are good for is to perfectly conduct vibrations to the most sensitive areas. My record is two orgasms in one self-bondage session using the same accumulators.
Anal tunnel? Ok, was it too thick or what?
What I remember was a dildo sliding across the prorate would cause an orgasem... Hot some people.
To stay in place it must be long enough, but "long enough" will cover the prostate, so the internal dildo "shoots" farther in the guts. You feel the movement, you feel the pressure, you feel the created vacuum (or inflation), but that's about it. No interesting sensations.

Another subject I need to post about...
Hmm... What I was thinking, please don't get me wrong, is a three part device. A rather large buttplug, the standard type, with a fat headed slender dildo that slides along side the reagular buttplug. The dildo would move between the prostate and the buttplug.
This assembly fits inside an envelope packed with lube.

The idea is to have a buttplug with something inside that would rub agence the prostate causing a violent orgasm.
If only this degree of thought & engineering could be put towards something constructive!
Thanks for the replies. When it comes to the problem with lube, a combination of a medical drip with a squirting dildo could work, when attached to a fucking machine. Moreover, the medical drip could also be attached to a Fleshlight, even if that would require to drill some hole in the case.

But may be I'm taking this a bit too far. Once again, some ideas like this are far better in the imagination, compared to when you actually get to try it. Especially when a good chunk of money is involved. This reminds me of a post by LustrousLaminaLover that I read yesterday, let me quote the relevant bit:
(12 Nov 2012, 10:12 )LustrousLaminaLover Wrote: As it happens, one of my more recent desires was to try out one of those 'fucking machines'.
I wanted to feel what it was like to have something fuck me, without constantly being reminded that I was fucking myself, so, last year, I bought an 'Ultimate dildo thruster machine' for my gf's xmas (knowing full well that I could secretly have the use of it).
It's promise of 8 strokes per second, and the thought of being able to just lie there in comfort as it did all the hard work, was just too hard to resist.
The first time I tried it though, I quickly found that, once again, my fantasies had managed to get a bit fanciful; it didn't satisfy any of my desires. Not one!
It was harder to hold the damn thing in place than it would have been for me to do the work myself. And even when I did manage to secure it (which ruined the comfort aspect), a 3-inch stroke (if that!), at 8 strokes per second, feels more like a vibrator than someone trying desperately to reach an orgasm...
I tried it slow, I tried it fast, I tried any position I could, but it was all pointless. It just didn't live up to my wild expectations.
Needless to say, it's was used that one time and has sat in the toy cupboard for nearly a year. My gf didn't even fancy trying it!
The only positive I took from the whole experience, was knowing that I got sidetracked by the impressive numbers and mistakenly bought a 'toy', not a machine. A mistake I wouldn't have to make again...
The next fucking machine I buy will have a slower, deeper stroke. Much deeper...

While I agree with the fact that fucking machines are 'boring', due to their lifelessness and lack of spontaneity [...]
True, I looked at the same machine your talking about. Right, as it sits, Boaring. My Hand can do better.
My idea is a devise that sits inside and tickles the prostate, causing an orgasm after orgasm.
As for brain power used on this idea, I have built many devices, one that will make any 2-way handheld radio into a cell type phone and then that radio can make calls to anyone around the world.
The other device is a safety device to protect electronics in trucks from starting surges.
The sex toy is a thinking thing.
Something for crowd funding? 😉

Anyway, for safety reasons, I would prefer a no-moving-parts design or at least with no sliding against the skin. The milking machine mentioned above looks very interesting indeed, but I would add vibrators.

Also, I would avoid any tight rings preventing the back flow of the penis blood, but something "gently elastic" (inflatable ring?) can help.

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