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First swimsuit
So I've been a lurker for a while. I have a wife that I don’t want to scare just yet so haven’t mentioned my fetish – one piece swimsuits. I finally decided last week that I just needed try it and bought a black Adidas one piece on eBay.

[Image: adidas_3sa_swimsuit_black.jpg]

I got the package at work, nipped into one of the cubicles in the loo, slowly removed my clothes, not making too much sound as I’m sure there was a guy in the cubical next to me. I pulled the swimsuit over my hips, immediately it felt restrictive. I can’t describe it well enough in words, but I wanted it to cover me. I pulled the front up over my chest, aware that my breathing was getting faster, I quickly pulled the straps over my arms – it was almost like I came there, it felt like ecstasy on my skin.

Sorry I’m really excited and couldn’t possibly find anybody to describe it to!

The question is: now what?!
(30 Oct 2012, 22:27 )highswim Wrote: The question is: now what?!
Just wear it under your normal clothes as underwear and enjoy! ;-)
(30 Oct 2012, 22:27 )highswim Wrote: The question is: now what?!

Try sleeping in lycra ! better still waking up in it !!!

My wife has always been OK with the lycra thing... mind you it took me a lot to tell her I liked the stuff. She was so good about it, even helped me buy things.
I have the exact same suit and really like it.

I have had a thing for swimsuits & pantyhose for some time but only recently managed to tell my wife about it - she's mostly OK with it but is not a fan of seeing me in them so still having to be fairly careful about when & where I put them on - she's better about the tights than the swimsuits.

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