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Finally was able to do one
After a month or so I was finally able to do a SB session. Ended up going for a Y shaped spread eagle on an air mattress. I got layered up put on my two corsets, ballet boots, and gag. I have a few preview pics. Going to try to get pic soon from the video. It went well but some fixes couldn’t be made. I Ann open to suggestions and will likely be trying it again. 

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 9FA121FB-D362-4EA2-A912-0214DFAB1423.jpeg     711E1CB8-D6D4-47BD-A0BE-9DE8FC1A24D3.jpeg     DEB1453E-556F-4605-9D95-9D81427E0C4A.jpeg   
Looking forward to seeing more updates!
(16 Jul 2019, 17:48 )The inspector Wrote: Looking forward to seeing more updates!

I look forward to creating more updates. Might go for a forced standing scenario next.
Always challenging. Especially in ballet heels.
(16 Jul 2019, 18:17 )The inspector Wrote: Always challenging. Especially in ballet heels.

I may settle on the heels rather than the boots. Depending on how long I plan the session for
Here are some screenshots from the session.

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 IMG_0125.PNG     IMG_0128.PNG     IMG_0130.PNG     IMG_0134.PNG   
Do I understand it correctly, that the bed was inflated after you had tied yourself up, thus making the bondage much tighter? At least this is the impression I got from the series of screenshots.
Yup. When I sat on it stuff had gone flying off so had to fix that. Next time I’ll have it fully deflated and then inflated after tying myself.
(17 Jul 2019, 01:45 )JackWong25 Wrote: inflated after tying myself.
That's the idea I had back in 2008: 😉 Great!
The chair in the post looks like it can be broken or popped with enough effort. In this scenario my legs were bound the tightes in a spread eagle. I would like to try a proper spread eagle but the cheap timers I have don’t work and the release method would be difficult. The only method I can think of is attach a string and weight to the release valve and when the weight drops it turns the valve and I’m out. An ideas are welcomed.

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