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False eyelashes and eye makeup fetish
Anyone else love these? Jessie J, Katy Perry, Lady Gaga, other celebs?

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For some reason I don't like the sparkley, tinselly ones, obviously your mileage may differ... Tongue
I thought there was a "eye make-up" thread somewhere...
I could not find the thread so I changed the name of this one a bit (I hope you do not mind) and added my 2c Wink

eye-makeup-fetish-01-latex-fashion.jpg thumbnail    eyes-makeup-fetish-02.jpg thumbnail    eye-makeup-fetish-03-latex-fashion.jpg thumbnail   

Plus some latex ;P
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Kate McGurgan as 'Brellina': old pics now but will bear re-posting I think.

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eye-makeup-fetish-07.jpg thumbnail    eye-makeup-fetish-08.jpg thumbnail    eye-makeup-fetish-09.jpg thumbnail    eye-makeup-fetish-04.jpg thumbnail    eye-makeup-fetish-05.jpg thumbnail    eye-makeup-fetish-06.jpg thumbnail   
eye-makeup-fetish-10.jpg thumbnail    eye-makeup-fetish-11.jpg thumbnail    eye-makeup-fetish-12.jpg thumbnail    eye-makeup-fetish-13.jpg thumbnail    eye-makeup-fetish-14.jpg thumbnail    eye-makeup-fetish-15.jpg thumbnail   

Overly complicated, but beautiful.
eye-makeup-fetish-16.jpg thumbnail    eye-makeup-fetish-17.jpg thumbnail    eye-makeup-fetish-18.jpg thumbnail    eye-makeup-fetish-19.jpg thumbnail   

I think I know where the photos originally come from... Marlyn Yusuf -
eye-makeup-fetish-21.jpg thumbnail    eye-makeup-fetish-20.jpg thumbnail   
eye-makeup-fetish-24.jpg thumbnail    eye-makeup-fetish-23.jpg thumbnail    eye-makeup-fetish-22.jpg thumbnail   

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