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Entering a latex catsuit from crotch???
I've always been fascinated about different ways to enter a skin tight suit.
Once I tried to enter my latex leotard from the crotch. I closed the zippers and opened only from the crotch so that I could first but my legs in and then began to slowly work my upper body in from the same hole. It was very difficult because I had no lubricant but I managed eventually to get my whole body in.
I even tried once to enter a PVC leotard from the other leg hole but that wasn't a success.

Now I'm thinking about buying a latex neck entry catsuit with a crotch zipper. The only difference I'm gonna include to my order, is to select the thickness of the latex to be more than 0.6 mm, so it should not be possible to enter or escape the suit from the neck.
Well I guess you've already figured out what I'm planning to achieve. It's just something that needs a lot of flexibility. I still don't know if I'll even be success in this plan of mine.

I tried to google about this but didn't manage to find anyone else who'd have tried something familiar. What do you think about this crazy idea of entering a catsuit? And if you'll have any other ideas, I'd be happy to read about those too. Smile
(11 Apr 2015, 12:25 )TriPold Wrote: It was very difficult because I had no lubricant
Why don't you use lubricants? That would reduce the possibility to tear the latex.
(11 Apr 2015, 12:25 )TriPold Wrote: Well I guess you've already figured out what I'm planning to achieve.
I take it that the success depends not only on your flexibility, but also on the length, strength and position of the zip. The widest part of your body is the shoulders, but the circumference of the zip should "include" the lower part of your body.

BTW, such suit design was used by Billy for Aurora ( ), but the zip (lockable Wink ) was built into the inside seam of the "legs" - almost from knee to knee.
It might be cheaper to order a catsuit with a smaller collar only. The zipper is usually attached to a strip of cloth and the upper part can be "sealed off" with a few stitches.

I suppose, you like crawling into the suit. Otherwise, I would have suggested a suit with shoulder zipper.

A cheap and very effective lubricant is talcum powder. It also works on pvc.
The lubricants discussion moved here:
Thank you for your expertise. I guess it is just my lack of experience that I don't know what kind on lubricants I should use. Thank you for your tip's, now I know better.
I once bought an expensive lubricant from the pharmacy. Can't remember what it's producer was but the slipperiness it gave, did not last very long so I gave up that time.
(12 Apr 2015, 00:42 )TriPold Wrote: I once bought an expensive lubricant from the pharmacy.
Most likely KY jelly.

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