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Duct tape cocoon mummification/encasement
This image is making rounds in the "funny pictures" sites around the world...

mummification-bondage-01-duct-tape-cocoon.jpg thumbnail   

Anyone know the circumstances?
Not self-bondage, obviously, but captivating!

(Also, good opportunity to cross-refer

that duct-tape self-mummification video that is probably my favourite of this genre. I still can't get over how flawlessly that went, with nothing accidentally sticking where it shouldn't as he was moving around.)
Just noticed this post. Probably missed it while I was on vacation. Tweaked it a bit ;-)
dt3.jpg thumbnail    dt4.jpg thumbnail    dt1.jpg thumbnail    dt2.jpg thumbnail    dt5.jpg thumbnail    dt6.jpg thumbnail   
Let's revive the thread:

mummification-bondage-02-duct-tape-cocoon.jpg thumbnail    mummification-bondage-03-duct-tape-cocoon.jpg thumbnail    mummification-bondage-04-duct-tape-cocoon.jpg thumbnail    mummification-bondage-05-duct-tape-cocoon.jpg thumbnail   

I do have some showing myself ...

P7050006.JPG thumbnail   

P7050029.JPG thumbnail   

I can post more ...

have a nice weekend
(20 Apr 2013, 09:05 )krinlyc Wrote: I can post more ...
Yes, please ;-)
Its sort of linked to the self-mummification video earlier in this thread:

Self mummification art may need a Deviant Art login, but that's well worth getting anyway and it's free!

(29 May 2013, 11:52 )madjack Wrote: Its sort of linked to the self-mummification video earlier in this thread:

Self mummification art

Big Grin

BTW, I did not know the source at that time.
ready for bulkycargo

ducttape.png thumbnail   
Have a nice day Good
Very nicely packed! But arms in front... Mmmm ... Wink

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