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noticed you've got a corset for your birthday 😊

wanted to put a link to a site that i've bought all my corsets from, has a handful of corsets, but what caught my attention was that they do sell corsets for men. You're still able to get the hourglass figure, but the shape is more suited to a mans size.

Bought the male one first, and have then since bought two female ones, and i've been pleased with them all.

Just thought i would mention it in case you (like me) decided that one wasn't enough 😊
The situation has changed a bit. I looked at my photos and decided to return to sport 😉

Since then I lost about 4 kg of fat and that corset is way too big for me now. So, still fascinated about the corsets, but haven't looked at them yet again. Now, when I have some experience, that subject needs serious investigation.
Corsets... now there's a thought.

I've always been fascinated by the idea of one, but never sure if they are for me or not!

My image is of using one to enhance my bondage, by adding a new restrictive element - but does this work in reality?

Does wearing a corset prevent longer SB sessions?

Does it restrict movement too much (by this I mean limit the positions you can bind yourself in)?

Would like to hear of the experiences from Kate, Ra and others in this area.

I am often checking ebay for interesting stuff and eventually I bought a good quality reinforced leather corset with halters for a price considerably below 100 Euro. It is laced on the back and has a zipper and straps on the front, which makes it quite easy to put it on. It is designed to cover the breasts almost completely and is a bit lower on the back.

The chest feels quite supported and is somewhat linked to the pelvis. So bowing forward and to the sides is a bit restricted. It is a bit like having the torso in a slightly flexible tube. However, breathing is not restricted unless you pull the upper strap too tight. The belly is compressed of course, but that is the purpose of a corset. It is quite comfortable but hard to ignore.

I think, the zipper and the straps are quite important for using a corset alone. You can't really tighten the lacing alone. And without lacing, you can't fit it properly.

One advantage of leather corsets in winter is that it keeps your lower torso warm 😁

I like my corset although I don't use it too often in fetish plays. But each time I put it on, I am glad, that I have it.
I found a supplier, but the price is considerably higher than what I paid on ebay (new):,show...21,0,,.htm
My corset is laced on the front, so it's quite easy to tighten it up, so the breathing is restricted. The problem is that the corset is too big for me, especially when I got rid of some fat and replaced it with muscles 😉

The restriction depends on the size and form of the corset. Hence the self-bondage positions. So I can't answer your questions 😉

Again, It all depends on the model, form, material, reinforcing, how tight you lace it, etc.

About the places to buy... Hm... A lot.

I would start with eBay:

Latex corsets
Leather corsets
PVC corsets
I wear corsets alot does luxury corsets
soon hope to be making corsets my self
and i can self tighten if i use 2 laces

Lady TZ
Nice to see that fairygothmother survived the fire.

Though I've looked around their shop in RL I've never bought from them, they're a bit rich for me 😉
very rich hence why going into making them myself.
mine are usually rather ott but then I'm mainly making them for me
What I finally chose:

Laces at the back? How do you tighten up the corset?