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Control bodysuits and shapewear
I'm looking for something that would reduce my waist by ... as many inches as possible 😉 I like the squeezing feeling, I like the hour-glass shape and I do not want to deal with corsets (again).

Ideally it should be a swimsuit/leotard or something that can be worn under a water-polo swimsuit. Waist cinchers? Control shorts? Any experience? Advices? Ideas? Links?
This is what eBay shows:

eBay: control body shaper
Search eBay UK: control body shaper
Search eBay DE: (control,korrektur) (body,bauch) shaper
Or something like these swimsuits: ?
Spanx? Or is it just a hype and overpriced?

eBay: Spanx
Search eBay UK: Spanx
Search eBay DE: Spanx
In a couple of shops in Portugal I saw high-waisted briefs with rubber (neoprene?) inside and silky nylon fabric with chlorinated-latex feeling. Unfortunately we did not have time to try them on and we bought a couple of items (not shapers, no rubber) for my wife. And now we are wondering about the shapers...
Oh, you've been in Portugal! You could have said something 😋

I know the briefs you're talking about, they're great for the "squeezing" effect you want 😊
(16 Aug 2013, 15:48 )Blinke Wrote: Oh, you've been in Portugal!
Yeah, last year 😉
(16 Aug 2013, 15:48 )Blinke Wrote: You could have said something
Mmm... Bom dia 😉

Actually, I did:

(16 Aug 2013, 15:48 )Blinke Wrote: I know the briefs you're talking about
I've seen them in one of the big shopping centres in Porto.

(16 Aug 2013, 15:48 )Blinke Wrote: they're great for the "squeezing" effect you want
I bet, by the look/touch/(price) of it 😉
Completely missed that post.

Nice photo from one of the most known bridges in Porto, I actually work there hehe.

It is true what you said about the "portuguese" legs, they arent the best legs in Europe but the whole package makes up for it ^^
I need to finally post the photos I took in Portugal...
(18 Aug 2013, 08:55 )Like Ra Wrote: I need to finally post the photos I took in Portugal...

I have the same question as you do Ra. I think Spanx is overpriced in my opinion.

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