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Clean-up and deprogramming hypnosis
Tried to comment in that 8kun thread but got error. Imo just a bunch of tryhard larpers/idiots.

How good a hypnosis file works is twofold. Your trust and rapport with the hypnotist (as good as that is possible via .mp3). And depending on your own mental fortitude and how deep you went down the rabbit hole you may have to see the "deprogramming" hypnotist as more powerful than your former "master". Or else it might not take hold or you might not even be able to trance. Obviously best if you really want to get out of this mental shithole. As with everything own motivation and will is key.
Really well intentioned hypnotists who only want the best for their clients are the only ones who have proper reset files. Not that many around. Most have some kind of domme agenda. For that reason I don't understand how people can see 'tists like Nikki Fatale as well-intentioned or one of the "good ones". She is one of the better ones, sure, but even she is underhanded and with her own intentions in all her files. And she is extremely skilled at NLP and putting people into a deep trance almost immediately.
As for becoming masculine again. I had a very masculine and "redpilled" framework to begin with so I don't know how "deprogramming" will work out for those who never were masculine or had any rolemodels to begin with. Still, the following should be (very) helpful.

As for the files that work:
Nimja's files are the real shit. Deep Reset and Hard Reset are fantastic. Absolutely marvelous.
Elena McIvor's "Safeties" file is also very very good, even though it's only meant to work for her own files.
Ultrahypnosis also has a deconditioning file. Ymmv.
ViveHypnosis also has one that works. He is excellent at bringing out the deepest of trances. But his files are extremely long. If you need long inductions this is good obviously.
YourSexyHypnotist/YSH has a "Remasculinisation" series, recommended. Not specifically for deprogramming generally but helpful.
If you had a masculine mindset to begin with, Goddess Athalia's "Mr. A" is great. "No9" is also good.

If you are very experienced at trancing and are able to handle what a deep trance can produce then some of the very powerful hypnotists inductions like Vive's can be exceptional and lead to very interesting experiences. But it is really to be handled with extreme care and not really a good idea for deprogramming and especially not if you are not extremely experienced, if you are not well grounded and mentally strong aeady. It is possible to mess stuff up severely if some demons of yours appear in a deep trance and you can't handle that experience.
Time for a separate "clean up/deprogramming thread"?
(08 Apr 2020, 13:42 )Like Ra Wrote: Time for a separate "clean up/deprogramming thread"?

yes please! What do you think of this idea- 

A “backup file” hypnosis- a file where someone new to the world of hypnosis listens to first and saves their personality/ memories/ attributes & thoughts (maybe even onto a physical thumb drive that they hold while listening to it?). Then they can go about exploring all the different trances, and when they feel like they want a reset they listen to a subsequent file that restores the backup they made? 

Not sure if such a concept would work but would love your opinion
These are the highly praise reset files from Nimja:

Hard reset


Quote:Description: WARNING - Will remove ALL triggers and effects, INCLUDING mine! Intended to help remove bad influences.
Intended Effect: Free of all triggers, effects and suggestions.


Soft reset


Quote:Description: WARNING - This file will remove all active and post-hypnotic effects, but will NOT remove trance triggers inside files.
Intended Effect: A clear head, but still easily able to trance with my (or other) recordings.


Attached Files
Nimja-44-Hard_Reset.mp3 (Size: 5.02 MB )

Nimja-43-Soft_Reset.MP3 (Size: 3.32 MB )

Don't forget Deep Reset. That one is an excellent go to in general.

And there is a Clean Reset:

Not hypnosis, but kinda related:

The EasyPeasy Way to Stop Pornography

Quote:Version 1.3.7 compiled September 21, 2020 · Latest at
This is a rewritten version of the PMO Hackbook, an adaptation of Allen Carr’s Easy Way to Stop Smoking
for pornography. I’m not the original author of either of these books, I’m the Hackauthor.

The original hackbook hosted on Google Sites is an excellent resource for quitting pornography, and has
helped myself and many others. However, this revision holds a number of benefits over the original.

Attached Files
The EasyPeasy Way to Stop Pornography.pdf (Size: 496.13 KB )
Training Time Out

boy_arthur_tx Wrote:This file is intended to give the user the ability to take a time out or do a hypnotic reset to remove unwanted results from hypnotic suggestions. Wrote this file quickly because someone contacted me about a wetting problem he believed was caused by the Used, controlled, diaper file on this site. See first comment for this file on steps to take before listening. Please see script or pm me if there are any questions. Volume is adjusted to match my induction file.

Take a Training Time Out, write the name of the file down. Above and below the name of the file in BOLD letters write Training Time Out. If the file is on your computer move the file to a TRAINING TIME OUT folder. This file gives you a time out as long as you choose to leave the file in the time out folder. Suggestions include a hypnotic reset for the file by listening to ANY hypno reset file on WMM site.

TrainingTimeOut_(MP3).mp3 (Size: 6.35 MB )

Attached Files
TrainingTimeOut_(Script).txt (Size: 2.84 KB )
A very valid point of view. Can be posted in many threads:

8kun Wrote:From the style of the posts in this and other threads you can deduce that many of the posters here are just teenagers. This is very worrying. Even the just roleplay/fap material "hypnosis" can fuck you up if you are starting that young. Not to mention the real mindfuck ritual stuff, some of which got aeady mentioned in this thread.

As others have aeady said, no single hypnosis session will be able to undo years of conditioning. It is like quitting smoking: You will have to gently fight and defeat the urge in every situation that triggers it, many times over. And willingly take the little pain that comes from sacrificing the small pleasures till the hooks are loosened. Watch yourself closely. Everytime you get triggered by something, there is a short moment where you decide to put something into the trigger. It is then reaped in the form of arousal. If it is strongly conditioned, it might seem nearly automatic, but it always is something you take an active part in.

The first problem is to be concious enough to even identify that little moment. If you really started at 14, then the whole trigger -> input -> reaction process has become like a tiny mental machine that is pretty much part of your personality at this point. There are subtle changes in your breathing, certain muscles tensing, short mental images, a sequence of emotions, etc. when you are triggered. If enough of these trigger machines activate and are unconsciously followed over a short period of time, to much of an emotional charge will build up to resist. A mental discipline like meditation or prayer will be necessary to get the clarity to recognize and undo these automatisms.

The second problem is motivation. The sissy stuff (and porn in general) is absolutely evil. It destroys your confidence, drains your energy and focus, and makes you awkward around others. It even makes you like all these things by associating degradation with arousal. Short periods of catharsis and emotional high are always followed by shame and depression. Then when you are down, it will present itself as a source of love and comfort and suck you back in. At which point you have to warp your mind a little further by rationalizing the bad consequences of your behavior previously experienced. You probably know the cycle by now. A few hard kicks in the balls by life might be necessary, before being able to act on the realization that this is bad for you, even when under the influence of strong emotions that tell you otherwise.

Anti sissy conditioning as requested might even be helpful here to install a positive automatisms against it, for when feelings tell you, it will be okay this time. But there probably isn't a way around some form of meditation to help clear your mind up.

Also don't look down on the Jesus freaks and related people. It is as real as a little but powerful light in your inner center. Much of the stuff in the Bible is just psychonauts talking in a special language about certain things. And when you get some meditation practice you will realize that alchemists, Buddhists, Christians, Eleusinian cultists, Hindus, LSD hippies, magickians, Merkabah mystics, Sufis, Taoists, Zen monks, Zoroastrians,… all talk about the same thing but from arguably very different perspectives. People reading Robert Anton Wilson should also have understood that by now. If you are from a Western background, Christianity and its rituals might even be the easiest way for you to get a foot into the door of your conciousness. These disciplines evolved alongside the people practising them.

I hope some of this will help you. It will be a lot of work for someone who conditioned himself with years of cheap pleasure or went very deep, but transforming yourself is doable. On a positive note: After you managed to get rid of the pleasure parasites and reintegrated the scattered parts of your psyche, you will probably have developed a good character and deep self knowledge. Good luck!
Hypnosis of Seasons' Past 2.0 (Negative Hypnosis Removal)


Quote:This particular video was desperate for a remake, it's whole purpose is to remove harmful hypnosis/suggestions from the past.

Contributors: Bignak (6) , Cattani (4) , Like Ra (17) , peterpumm (3) , Selfexploration (1)