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Chicken arms
I could not find a mention of this techique, so I decided to post it.

Probably everyone here has tried the pantyhose on their arms at least once. Pull the crotchpiece of the pantyhose behind the neck, et cetera.

Maybe a few people have also tried inserting their elbows, rather than hands, in the pantyhose legs, and experimented with that. I tried the next logical step* to that: Add a tight shirt over the pantyhose, and pull carefully all slack towards the armpits. The function of the shirt is both to prevent any slack from retreating back towards the elbows, and to prevent an easy escape by pulling the pantyhose crotchpiece up from behind the neck.
It surprised me how it looked like: The appearance is uncannily like that of a person with amputated arms. The shirt hides the impression of the pantyhose inside (and also prevents it from unravelling too easily).
And like all of the similar scenarios, this was difficult to undo. (Though not quite as difficult as when doing the same with a neoprene wetsuit.)
You can still move your hands quite freely inside the predicament along your chest, so you might want to bring additional items inside the hose before beginning. Or you can do multiple layers, which makes the challenge a lot more difficult, especially if those layers have high friction. I tried one pair on my arms normally, and the other one on elbows. Even without a shirt, it was too difficult to remove the slack of the remaining arm once the other once had been done with. (The previous time when I described this I used a lot of more slippery hosiery.)

*) Inserting both elbows into the same pantyhose leg is not nearly as rewarding; or maybe it could be, but it is difficult to perfect in self-bondage.