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Butt Plug Retention
Perhaps more erotic for one with an apron fetish (ha!), but here's how I ensure my back passage pal once inserted, remains exactly where it should.

Slip in your favoured plug until it is firmly in place and then put on tight rubber pants with a penile sheath. You can wear more pairs of panties if you like (and I usually do) but once you're happy, put on an apron which has long ties.

Secure the ties behind your waist and then draw them under your bottom and pull tightly upwards so the ties press firmly against your plug.

Next wind the ties around your rubber covered little man (who by now is VERY excited) and then knot the ties behind your nut sack. Next criss-cross the ties around your cock until under the base of your helmet and knot it there.

Again, another pinafore can be worn (I personally favour a bibbed one first and a waist apron over that) and repeat the process. This time wind the ties around and up your erection in the opposite direction and tie off again.

If you're serious and want to make it difficult to undo quickly, slip in a condom to cover the lacings.

Now you can go about completing the rest of your uniform and begin your duties. Bending down and walking have never been so much fun as any movement draws on the apron ties and pulls up the plug.

Wearing a PVC apron will catch all the dribbles and keep your uniform clean.  Plastic panties help too...  
Actually, you can make a crotch rope using the apron ties. Depends on the ties length, of course.
Good point.
Wearing a PVC apron will catch all the dribbles and keep your uniform clean.  Plastic panties help too...  

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