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Broken links
If you notice any broken links, blocked images, non-existing blog entries, please drop a line in this topic. And I will try to fix it ASAP.

Hi LikeRa,

first of all, nice interface you're working on...

I would like to report two broken links:
  • Main=>Updates shows an artikle from 4. April 2008 as latest update[/list:u]
    • Links=>Galleries starts with a double 'h' (<!-- m --><a class="postlink" href="hhttp://..">hhttp://..</a><!-- m -->.)[/list:u]

      Greets, JtR
Thanks much JtR! I've fixed the broken link (<!-- m --><a class="postlink" href="hhttp://..">hhttp://..</a><!-- m -->.)

About the Updates. I think that the date is correct. The last time I updated the static part of the site was in April. With the "Updates" category I track the static pages. I'm still not sure if I should keep the statics. See comment #9 here.

the user-map link produces an Internal Error 500 ....

(04 Jan 2013, 20:25 )krinlyc Wrote: the user-map link produces an Internal Error 500
I think it was PHP timeout. The site was running out of memory. I reduced the amount of PHP processes by one. Looks OK now.
I've just realised that there's no 'random images' on the right hand side of the forum index... only adverts. Is this expected? Or am I just not patient enough for it to cycle round onto images again? (I thought it was 5/5, of each Undecided)

I love those random images Big Grin

(30 Jan 2013, 05:31 )LustrousLaminaLover Wrote: I've just realised that there's no 'random images' on the right hand side of the forum index... only adverts. Is this expected?
I still see them. And yes there should be 5. Dunno what's going on with your computer.

(30 Jan 2013, 05:31 )LustrousLaminaLover Wrote: I love those random images
Oh yes, me too! And I fund then useful - already bought many items.
I actually count 6, all adverts for items being sold.
Before, though, there were about 12 of them; I would have 5 or 6 adverts, and then 5 or 6 plain images (anime and such) listed underneath. I still get the 6 adverts ok, but no images Undecided (or am I imagining this?)

I switched to Google chrome last night, ...that carry on was Firefox's last nail... I've been meaning to switch for a while now, Firefox is just getting too big and bulky, and slow, so I do have to thank you (and your site) for the final push with that Wink
Still, no changes in regards to the pictures, ho-well, life goes on. Rolleyes

Oh yes, right, there should be 6 images with text. What happens if you allow the whole site in AdBlock?
I forgot all about adBlock...
Still no go though Sad I've tried disabling both adBlock and ghosterly. No joy. If it's just me (or my comp, even) then I wouldn't worry about it. It's not worth pulling hair out... Shy


Just shoot me. Honestly.
It's the blog index that the random images are, not the forum index.
SO sorry... Sad

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