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Bound in the bathtub art
You're right!!!
I didn't catch that.
Score 1 for Ra.
A few to add to the thread:

 batgirl__choke_or_drown_predicament_by_rook_07-d989ejx.jpg    - Holy water dilemmas Batgirl! Keep drinking or suffer the consequences - looks like she'll need more than a utility belt to get out of this one!
 lexie__s_bath_by_hombre_blanco-d50an20.jpg    - Some of us like to shower, but she looks worried about where that hose might go!
 pisces_by_punchdrunkey-da1mpb5.jpg    - Pisces floating around. I rather like this one for its 'stay balanced or suffer' element


Let's revive this thread:

 bound-in-bathtub-26.jpg     bound-in-bathtub-25.jpg     bound-in-bathtub-24.jpg     bound-in-bathtub-23.jpg   
Hopefully stirring up a bit of life to this thread:

 batgirl_meet_lydia_limpet_13_by_ybatgirl_de3t526-fullview.jpg     batgirl_meet_lydia_limpet_14_by_ybatgirl_de3uu1y-fullview.jpg    - from the incomparable Ybatgirl (check out Deviant art for more) 

I'm guessing that even the mighty @Culmor may drawn the line at bringing this to life in cosplay form??

(25 Sep 2020, 14:46 )madjack Wrote: Ybatgirl
Yes, the corresponding Batgirl thread(s?) here should also be updated with the latest Ybatgirl's art.
Quote:I'm guessing that even the mighty @Culmor may drawn the line at bringing this to life in cosplay form??

My costume's waterproof 😉

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