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Better late than never right?
Well yea, I am sure that most of the few active users on here will already have seen me here within the last weeks, in wich I started to become a bit active here after quite some time in where I had only visited this site as a silent reader. I never oficially said hi so far though. Wich I would guess is because I am kind of introverted person who doesn't like to talk about himself too much.

But I guess it's fair to share at least some details about me since it's always a bit strange to know absolutely nothing about people who you communicate with.

I am 28 years old and from Bremen in the north of germany. I don't know when exactly I discvored that I had a thing for being tied up but I'm pretty sure that I know where it might have gotten started. Since while I actively don't remember this, my mum told me that while I was still pretty young a older female cousin of me was playing, what I today would consider tie up games with me. Harmless things like rolling me up in a blanket but I guess it triggered something.

My second big fetish besides bondage is for nylons. That one also started to develop pretty early as I remember stealing my mothers stockings back in the day and slipping my head into them way before I had my first aware sexual thought.

Besides fetish things I have a thing for horror films and literature and football (the latter more as spectator today than as activity). I really like playing video games and I also play lots of poker. Only online and not for real money though. And since I already can feel how one can get overeuphoric and lightheaded when only playing with play chips I'm pretty sure that I won't ever go for the real thing.

In the end I want to appologize to any native english speaker here for my expression and especially my punctuation. x)
Yes, better late than never - welcome aboard! Big Grin