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Better Bimbo Brainwashing or BBB
Another fan series: Better Bimbo Brainwashing or BBB by:

u/Crafte_r_of_Kings1 Wrote:Better Bimbo Brainwashing or BBB is a series I'm working on designed to mimic the Disney Deer files, without the dangers! That means no suggestions to erase/replace personality, no permanent IQ loss, no anxiety inducing triggers. If you just want some fun, sexy hypnosis files to make you feel more of a bimbo/slut, these are for you!

They are designed to be listened back to back, 01 - 04. 04 has an awakener. The loops and special files do not.

01 BBB Induction.mp3 (Size: 6.37 MB )

02 BBB Good Girl.mp3 (Size: 16.9 MB )

03 BBB Bimbo Mind.mp3 (Size: 12.16 MB )

04 BBB Bimbo Training.mp3 (Size: 12.67 MB )

BBB - 01 Bounce - Loop.mp3 (Size: 4.96 MB )

BBB - 02 Loop - BJ Brain.mp3 (Size: 6.3 MB )

Attached Files
SCRIPTS.txt (Size: 44.16 KB )
SCRIPTS.pdf (Size: 91.29 KB )
SCRIPTS.docx (Size: 26.53 KB )
SCRIPTS-3.pdf (Size: 680.95 KB )
SCRIPTS-3.docx (Size: 99.59 KB )
(05 Feb 2023, 21:56 )Like Ra Wrote: Another fan series: Better Bimbo Brainwashing or BBB by:
. . .

This is good shit.
(06 Feb 2023, 17:27 )rolandmc Wrote: This is good shit.
Any effects?
relaxing deep and fun file.
the technical basis of the file is different from bobli
But the whole point and main attraction of Disney deer files is danger...
Chaos is Fun…damental
(15 Mar 2023, 06:25 )shinybambi Wrote: But the whole point and main attraction of Disney deer files is danger...

check out files deer, they are not safe 😁
(24 Feb 2023, 22:53 )Like Ra Wrote:
(24 Feb 2023, 22:50 )subyasha Wrote: Better Bimbo Brainwashing.

The link is in the 1st post.

And post the results!

Been having a hard time finding consistent times to do these files but I've been enjoying what's mentioned and like that it feels like a less intense version of BS. Unfortunately or maybe fortunately, lol, it does not seem to capture me like the BS files did. I do recommend them if anyone is looking for less intense files than BS.

Forgot to mention that the more I listen to the files, the more I want to listen to them so it is doing something  😉
Let's add these two videos:

Brainwashed Slut Overload


Scorpio Slut


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