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Beautiful voices
May I propose a new topic? Beautiful (female) voices. Doesn't matter how they look. Doesn't matter what they sing. Just enjoy the beauty of the voice.

This is Anneke van Giersbergen. At the time she was singing with The Gathering (then switched to pop music Sad what a waste). I belive this is her best song. Even if you don't like genre (trip-hop music), don't miss minute 3:00 in the video.
The CD version sound far better than the concert - no crowd, no echoes, and is beter mixed - her voice is more "in front", not covered so much by guitar and drums.

Want more?
Search "The Gathering": Morphia's Waltz, Alone, Jelena, Frail, Rescue Me.
You beated me to it Big Grin I was going to create such a topic loong time ago and call it "Fetish voices" Wink
For me number 1 is Emma Kirkby (soprano):


This is Stella Le Page, mostly in the background.

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