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House of self-bondage
House of self-bondage
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Erotic sounds and voices
Are there any sounds or voices, that you find erotic or arousing? Not nice, pleasant, relaxing or dreamy, but erotic?

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I moved this comment to this thread because I think it's more accurate than the previous one where it was before. I was talking with other member of this forum who said that some songs had an erotic effect that was similar to some hypnofiles, and I agreed. Possibly it's because the lyrics and the voice of the singer.
These are some examples for me, with female or male voices, and erotic lyrics. Do you have other examples that work for yourselves?
Vanessa Daou - The Long Tunnel Of Wanting You


Do Me - Kim Petras


George Michael - I Want Your Sex


Madonna - Justify my love


Fuck me


Compilation of music with erotic lyrics:

Binaural Beats - Brain Sex Erotic Velour Sex Meditation - It's a long audio, without image, with a rhythm and female moans: (link for download)
I like the sound of some bdsm porn.
I remember one old Insex movie, (shall i post a Link?)
were 3 Girls were tied and treated with milking machine.
After some time the guy pulls of one milking cylinder and
Puts it on the clit of the girl. The sound she makes, her moanings,
and the sound it makes when the milking machine sucks her clit is really erotic.
I thought about my own Selfbondage, sensory deprivation Soundtrack for sessions, from movie sounds that i like.
(23 Apr 2020, 23:58 )Vacbedbound Wrote: (shall i post a Link?)

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