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Beautiful Hot&Cool Girls with Guitars
The threads is for both talented AND fetish-looking girls with guitars. At first I was going to create a thread for bass-girls only, but that would mean some very noteworthy beauties could have been left out.
Let's start with Sophie Lloyd. She, actually, plays bass as well, and I subscribed to her channel since her nick was "Guitar Baby". These two videos are featuring fishnet pantyhose, of which only the top part is visible.

Two long-haired girls with guitars! Sophie in fishnets, and pigtailed Georgia Bell in mini shorts (yes, also my fetish, see the Shorts thread)

But, must admit, my favourite video is this one (I love her face expressions Big Grin ):

Gothic Alyona Vargasova.

Hey, where's the bass???

Marta Altesa. I keep smiling while watching her playing. So much into the music, so cute, so charming, so beautiful, so much fun to watch!

Those girls in headphones...

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marta_altesa-08_pole_dancing.png    marta_altesa-07.jpg    marta_altesa-06.png    marta_altesa-05.png    marta_altesa-04.png    marta_altesa-03_swimsuit.png    marta_altesa-02_pole_dancing.png    marta_altesa-01_swimsuit.png   
Mohini Dey, of course! The best female bass-player in the world:

At 02:20 Tongue

Mohini and her sister Essani:

mohini_dey-01_shorts_stockings.jpg    mohini_dey-02_vinyl_dress.jpg    essany_dey-01_shorts_pantyhose.jpg   
Divinity Roxx.

Divinity-Roxx-03.jpg    Divinity-Roxx-02_shorts_pantyhose.jpg   
Divinity-Roxx-04_shorts_stockings.jpg    Divinity-Roxx-01_shorts_pantyhose.jpg   

Solo bass-players are scarce, let alone solo female bass-players. Not my style, but this performance is pretty shamanic:

Anna Sentina

América Paz

^From 02:55
Tal Wilkenfeld

Paz Lenchantin (The Pixies)


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