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Men in Sari are Cool!
This is a new attempt to introduce my sari fetish on this board. I like to wear saris, both, in complete women style, and in some slightly modified styles to match my male body a bit better. I haven't made any acceptable pictures yet, but they will follow while I still have the camera.

A sari is a traditional Indian garment that was created thousands of years ago. It consists of a single piece of cloth, usually silk or cotton, these days about 5 yards long and 1 yard wide, that is wrapped around the body in artful ways to create a beautiful dress. Ancient styles covered the legs and hips only, documents and sculptures show, that saris were worn by men and women alike, only in slightly different styles. Today, saris are officially worn by women only and for modesty reasons, come with a petticoat underneath and a small top that covers the breasts but usually leaves the navel free. For men, the inheritance is the dhoti, which is a smaller piece of cloth wrapped around hips and legs. Women's saris are often decorated with paillettes, small mirrors, embroidery and printed or woven patterns. Mens dhotis are usually white, with one or two coloured stripes and sometimes a border on the long sides.

Now for the cool men in saris:

Except for the bandana on his head, the first guy is wearing the sari in the Nivi-style, which is the most common style for women these days. He is even wearing the typical blouse. Clearly cross dressing, but he still looks like a man.

Not sure about the second picture, this could woman. I added this one to show, how friendly saris can be to any body shape. Even fat women look great in saris, if they know how - but I didn't find a suitable image.


Now, how to acquire a sari fetish?`I am not sure, how it happened, I first liked the look of women in saris, I like the idea of a slightly restricting garment - which is not true unless you wrap it so - and I do like silk and smooth cotton cloth. Furthermore, I like the Indian cloth patterns. That is enough reason to be interested in saris. Eventually, I found my mother's sari in the attic and experimented with some wrapping. I had no clue how to wrap a sari, but it was fun and I discovered that I liked this game. And it was very arousing too, I had to be careful not to come into the cloth.

In order to explain, how saris and SB come together, I will tell you how to wrap it first: One end is wrapped around the hips once, to form a skirt. The other end is thrown over the shoulder and can be draped in various ways, usually covering both breasts as well. The part in between is pleated and the pleats tucked into the waist line from where the cloth falls down. Apparently, the skirt part can be wrapped more or less tightly, you could even tie your ankles together first, then wrap up to cover the whole body. You can even include the arms, if you have a suitable surface to "rub" the cloth tight. Of course, it can't be tied securely around the arms without the help of someone else, but as long as you lie flat, it won't let you move your arms. Of course the head can be wrapped as well. There is a lot of cloth to be spread over the body and if you tuck away the ends, it can feel quite secure. In traditional wrapping styles, saris are a bit like full body harneses. Every movement is communicated along the cloth and back to your body. Combined with the tendency to fall apart if you don't maintain the wrap, this can be quite interesting also in bondage.

If this sounds interesting to you, you can start with a simple bed sheet, which is too short for a real wrap, but enough to make a dhoti or a basic sari-style mummification. For the real thing, look on ebay. There is a huge selection starting at prices around 10 Euros. I have also ordered some from India, with pre-stitched blouse to measurements. It costs more from India, but the same quality of cloth would be twice or three times the price in Europe. A petticoat is very helpful for learning the wrapping styles, but not really needed. As I said, petticoats were introduced for modesty reasons, probably when the British colonised Asia. The blouse isn't necessary either, but it helps maintaining the wrap, and the pallu - the part of the sari that is falling freely over one shoulder - is often fixed to the blouse with a safety pin. There are lots of wrapping instructions on the internet. If that is not enough or if you want to know a particular style, send me a private message.

The last time, I removed the topic because I was disappointed by the almost nonexisting feedback on the main subject. This time it will stay, but I won't add anything but a few pictures unless I can see that people are interested at all.
I'll admit that women in saris can look incredibly sexy, but to me it's sexy in an 'non-fetish' way if you know what I mean. I do like those tight silk tops some Indian women wear under their saris though (choli, I think they're called).
I like the cholis a lot with silicone breasts - perfect flat fit would be okay too, but they are tailored that way to fit women. It is a very intense pressure around the chest and on my absolutely male but sensitive nipples.

By the way, here a photo of me in a sari. I wanted to show a few different styles, but my camera gave up.

That's actually disturbingly flattering...also I would never have realized the bearded guy in your first pic was wearing a sari, I live and learn Blush
Here is a different sari in two styles:


The t-shirt was necessary for the first picture, my room is pretty cold. I don't consider it part of the outfit. Saris have been worn by soldiers in India long time ago, therefore I got the idea with the sword. Of course, their wrapping style was completely different as they had to be able to run.

And here the sari hanging from the ceiling, to show how much cloth it is. It starts on the floor, then goes up to the ceiling and down again. This one is made of heavy cotton and the patterns come from a process called Ikat, where the individual threads are coloured before weaving. The sari in the previous post is synthetic which feels a bit like satin.


I think I've posted pics of the lovely tgirl Rebecca Larcome in leotards and tights before now but here she is in some Indian dresses (I don't think they're actually saris but they look similar):

 a.jpg     b.jpg     c.jpg   
No, these aren't saris. If you want to know exactly, what a sari is, watch this movie, it shows, how to wear a sari:


There are lots of movies about draping saris, most with younger and more beautiful women, but this one includes a few very helpful details although it omits the initial wrap around the hips. Well, it is worth looking at a couple of them, for learning and also for entertainment.

Back to the images: I often see gowns that use some elements of saris or other wrapped garments. But here, it is mainly the postures and headscarves, and of course the ornamented fabric on the first two images.
Now perhaps my favorite saree, it is made from very soft cotton, handwoven and dyed by a special method, which is called Ikat.

Pants style:

 mens_saree_red_front_02.jpg     mens_saree_red_front_01.jpg   

Saree style:

 Sari_red_cotton_front.jpg     Sari_red_cotton_left.jpg     Sari_red_cotton_right.jpg   

I need to find suitable shoes!

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