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Back again
Hi everyone, I'm back after a little break (this time I plan to staySmile I was under the name InterestinglyUnique but I changed this because my new name reflects where I'm at a bit better. 

I'm a long term kinkster, but only now after 30 years am I starting to accept my twisted desires! It's scary, but also incredibly liberating. Hope you are all well. This is the forum I always seem to come back to, although I'm not a big crossdresser. I'm more into bondage and discipline. My big fantasy is women being disciplined and punished. These days, as a single guy, I do enjoy creating a 'partner' for myself by dressing myself up. I'm lucky that I'm aroused by receiving pain, as well as giving it. So I can punish myself, it's a win-win!

I've noticed that sex is something I think about periodically, so this is not a 24/7 lifestyle for me, it's just something I dip into from time to time when I feel in the mood. 

I've joined some local communities, and I'm planning on attending some Munch events again. Should be fun. 

In the past I always tried to stop myself doing kinky activities and thinking about S&M. But now I have realised, that for me, these type of sexual triggers are already encoded into my mind - and I can't change them. Joining the local kink community is my way of dealing with these desires and playing them out in a safe consensual way. 

I'm looking forward to chipping in here and there in this forum, and meeting people here too. A x

**UPDATE** Dec 2018

Taking a step back from the community right now. Doing some life-rebalancing. Wishing everyone on the forum a good Christmas X
.... told ya ... Big Grin

... and welcome back Wink
I knew it. ?