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Anal Impaler scenario
Found an excellent scenario log by the "ties that bind me" blog.

The basic idea is stepping on an anal plug fixed on a vertical stand, with a help of a box to stand on, and then kicking away the box. If you wear high heals, there is no way to rise to your toetips and unplug. You are totally free to move, just unable to walk away anywhere Angel

Impaler scenario

The author (!!!applause!!!) combines the release with icelock on hands, however if the plug were high even having free hands would not help much. How the release could be designed that would lower the plug after certain time? maybe a piston filled with ice?

Cheers, Angel
That dildo (The Keg Butt Plug) is huge! Yet not expensive. I wonder what it feels when (if...) it's in...

As for the scenario... I love the idea, I always wanted to try it, but it still looks risky. Very unstable and both your internals and your balls are at high risk. One wrong movement and you are torn apart.
Yes, I would also simplify it Smile
Probably just use the impaler, and gravity to keep you down, so no walking away anywhere. Not even need to restrain legs or hands! You could in theory try to jump up and away, but THAT sounds risky Smile
I meant to adapt it to an impaler rising up to the position and then lowering down somehow?
You must exclude two, I would say fatal things:

1- sliding down
2- falling for/back/sidewards

What can be done:

1 - use a horizontal pole/platform as a limiter

2- mount the impaler close to a vertical pole, pillar, wall with fixing points and tie yourself to this object. The tie should not be tight, but robust enough to prevent falling.
Horizontal pole would be safe, but obviously the kink of only gravity keeping you of walking away would disappear. What about combining the impaller with a wide base that would prevent it going to any deeper? Like racing bicycle seat?
Also, if you had a good, heavy exercise bicycle, (Kettler style) you could mount to its seat? The seat is normally leaning backward, well off the base, so you could stand behind the bike, your back toward it?

[Image: Kettler-USA-Ergo-Racer-GT-Exercise-Bike~...1382_m.jpg]

Imagine the pole mounted just behind the seat, connected to the bike base. The seat would act a s comfy stop. Plus it is not easy to trip this Smile
(02 Jul 2013, 15:46 )whiteangel Wrote: Horizontal pole would be safe, but obviously the kink of only gravity keeping you of walking away would disappear.
No, you just limit the depth. BTW, if you look closely, Bobbi does use a limiter (see the images from the bottom camera).

I think I was not clear enough. I meant a short horizontal pole mounted to the vertical pole beneath the dildo.
(02 Jul 2013, 16:16 )Like Ra Wrote: I think I was not clear enough. I meant a short horizontal pole mounted to the vertical pole beneath the dildo.

Ah yes, that would make sense, an inverted T shape. Actually, the exercise bike would be just the thing Smile Now, the release mechanism...
(02 Jul 2013, 18:06 )whiteangel Wrote: an inverted T shape
Yes! A very good definition!

(02 Jul 2013, 18:06 )whiteangel Wrote: Now, the release mechanism
Always difficult ;-)

o- something to step on to get off the "hook".

The legs must not be bound in this case. The rope to that sturdy block can be blocked by an ice lock. Or arms are held away from the rope by am ice block.

o- you have to pull yourself up to get off the hook

In this case the legs can be bound. You will need a sturdy bar you can use to pull yourself up. An ice lock will hold your arms off the bar.

o- retracting impaler

An piece of ice will block the rod with the dildo from sliding down. When the ice has melt you can squeeze the dildo (with the rod) out yourself.

In all these scenarios it's difficult to prevent falling sidewards by tying yourself to a stationary object, because you will need some freedom to get off the dildo rod and walk/crawl away.

Any other ideas?
What about this:

mount the dildo perpendicularily to the handle of a kitchen paddle like this:

[Image: BK01PaddleCuttingBoardB.jpg]

Put it on kitchen table, with the handle protruding over the table edge, and weight it down with an open can of 20kg wallpaint, you would definitively not like to spill on your floor, unless you were in real danger.
Put your hands out of reach of the can, until a key drops allowing you to free your hands...
Maybe the feeling would not be good if the paddle slipped around too easily, maybe a rubber under it would make it feel more tied down? Angel
I have another idea. Need to find the drawing...