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Ice self-bondage lock. From 1 hour to 4 hours
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An effective method for duct taping your wrists BEHIND your back... by yourself
I've always wished it were possible to wrap duct tape or plastic wrap around the wrists alone but the way these rolls of tape and wrap are designed, it's near impossible to do by yourself.

I was just experimenting with something tonight. I secured an adjustable cane to the foot of the bed, sticking straight up. I did this by tying two ropes to it which were attached to opposite sides of the bed, thus holding it right there in the middle at the foot of the bed.

Mind you, the bottom of the cane has to be facing up, the thick part with the rubber that is.

I wrapped the top rubber part with some tape, with the sticky side facing OUTWARD.

Then, I took a small roll of masking tape and placed it over the top rubber part of the cane. The thick rubber end combined with the tape i coated it with just prior was able to hold the entire roll in place.

I put on two socks over my hands for protection, wrapped tape around one wrist, put the other wrist next to it and began encircling both my wrists around the cane/roll of tape and... Wala! It worked!

Now this was done with a small roll of masking/packaging tape. Duct tape rolls are usually bigger/more round if you know what I mean, so maybe a thicker cane or adjustable pole is required to stick into that gap? Or maybe if you put two canes together it will fit over them? I'm not sure.

But it definitely works for the small roll of packaging tape though.

Plastic wrap on the other hand is another story. They do have the small rolls that come with the handle grip. I'm thinking maybe that handle grip could be secured to the cane via tape and you can just encircle your wrists around it until they're fully wrapped.

I'm glad I discovered this. Has anyone else ever tried this or maybe have any ideas to improve upon this?
The quickest was to get a pole is to put a chair upside down and use one of its legs. If you use something as sticky as gaffa tape, you don't need anything to hold the roll in place, the stickiness will provide enough tension.

One method to wrap your body with plastic wrap: Stack a few beverage boxes on top of each other, wrap it with the plastic after securing the start to the stack. Then attach the end to your body, walk around the stack while turning around.

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