Like Ra in latex catsuit, latex mask and high heels
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All Things Yoga
And Yoga (which can be translated as "union" and "yoke") can be all things, including fetish and bondage.

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leotard and leggings

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 yoga_lycra_swimsuit_leggings-01.jpg     yoga_lycra_swimsuit_leggings-02.jpg     yoga_lycra_swimsuit_leggings-03.jpg     yoga_lycra_swimsuit_leggings-04.jpg     yoga_lycra_swimsuit_leggings-05.jpg   
You might like my Lyn Marshall retro yoga thread here.

 Lyn1.jpg     Lyn2.jpg     Lyn3.jpg     Lyn4.jpg   
All asanas must be performed geometrically perfect!

 yoga_ropes_no_1_by_veterinarian.jpg     yoga_ropes_no_2_by_veterinarian.jpg   

If you don't know where to wear your latex clothes, and you don't know how to improve your health and figure - this is the way! Yoga in latex!

 yoga-01_latex_catsuit.jpg     yoga-02_latex_stockings_gloves.jpg     yoga-03_latex_catsuit.jpg   
I haven't read it completely, but there are indeed some good exercises, that correspond and match my experience.

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Yoga The Tantric Penis Lessons.pdf (Size: 33.85 KB )
(23 Aug 2019, 13:39 )Like Ra Wrote: If you don't know where to wear your latex clothes, and you don't know how to improve your health and figure - this is the way! Yoga in latex!
some more impressions:
Reflective Desire (Photos)
Reflective Desire (Video)
That's the position in which I achieved HFO (with just a little bit of help from the swimsuit I was wearing), but the mask looks a bit extreme 😁

"Hold your breath"
Aeria wants to improve her lung capacity.
"... Wait a minute, is this really the best way to train? ... "


Ballet boots uttanasana:


I don't think this has been posted yet.