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A day off, alllll by myself tomorrow. =)
This is going to be interesting.. Tomorrow, the saturday, GF is off to some happening and I have the house for myself for most of the morning and afternoon..

*Shoves a tray of icecubes in the freezer after rigging two of them as timers.*

Those might come enhandy.. For the first time in a while I'm planning on making escape before time's up Very difficult for me.. Maybe the position in my fiction posted here as 'Slaved to machines'... I've been wondering about that a bit. I've tried partial techniques for that when writing, but to be stuck in it will be interesting.

I'll also be spenindg a good part of this night thinking about what I'm going to wear. Idea 😁

Maybe I'll let you guys / girls know how it went.
Hey, good luck! (And play safely)
Hi, Daemon, how did it go?
Don't worry, still alive.. πŸ˜‹ It didn't go off entirely without a problem(s), but alltogether it was a learning experience shall we say? (Good thing too...)

Officially, still no time to write a well thought update, but I have a few minutes on my own here.. Lemme think..
That day, my GF went away for an entire day, leaving me free to do whatever I wanted to do. Under the condition that in the morning I'd do some groceries. No problem.

It wasn't until I was actually on the market that I forgot something... Sh**, I was planning on wearing a karada under my clothes! Never done that before! Oh well... Too late now. ☹

Back at 12:00, I immediatly went upstairs.
The evening before I fixed a tray of icecubes, and for the occasion even rigged a couple of them as wired time-releases. I didn't Actually plan on using those. (Good thing too.. Apparently the wires started to drift during the freezing, putting them close to the surface.. They're pretty much useless..)

Instead I was going to try a different release mechanism:

Take a keychain ring, and a sock. put one or two icecubes in the sock and pull the sock through the keyring. The sock should go through, but the icecube should get stuck on the key ring. Now tie a loopknot in the sock (maybe tape for extra robustness and tie a length of rope to the sock. If you then tie apiece of rope to the keychain ring, you can tie that to a bedpost near you feet. The length of rope tied to the sock can be used to tie a wrist.
Using the right quality sock, you'd be surprised at how strong this is..

Anywayz, I Really wanted to try at least the Position I described in my fic 'Slaved to machines'. (Which by the way is now completly posted on Gromet's Plaza and receiving good reviews!) I don't have a corset though I can wear.. My GF was some nice light satin nighties I can fit though. I picked out a turqoise nighty and kneelength socks. Cute!

First I did my ankles. I always find it difficult to tie them apart far enough. somehow I always end up with (too much) slack. Finally I had a decent position though and I'd be face down with my legs apart in speadeagle. next was my right wrist. This one was going to be hooked up to the time release. I coiled the rope that was tied to the sock a couple of times and tied it off nicely.
Before I did that, I had a left wrist tie ready in the form of a slipknot with a looped coil. I once read that, if you make a slipknot, and loop the slipping loop once or twice, it's harder to slip it back open. Some shifting and wriggling later and a final pull and it was secure!
I was thinking about a blindfold, but wasn't sure I'd be able to do the knots after that, and couldn't do it as a final touch offcourse with my hands bound like that. Also this was my first time in this release mechanism and I figured I might need my eyes..

Why it became a failure.. (Yes this failed...)
I don't have any stimulators... no plugs, no vibrators. (Yet...) So all you can do when lying there, is struggle. Test your bonds and see if it's inescapable.. I don't consider myself very flexible, but apparently my limbs can grow longer or something. :S If I'd be wearing at Least a ballgag, or maybe the blindfold, I wouldn't have been able to use my teeth to undo the knots on my right wrist... After escaping 3 times, I figured I had to go back to the drawing board... Fine, but that left me unsatisfied. Meh....

Ok. Lets see how tough I really am then! Putting keys to handcuffs in one of the bedrooms (making sure the doors couldn't close) I securely tied my ankles and then my ankles against my body in a kneeling position. A half karada over my upper body. (I don't like full body harnasses when wearing a skirt / gown) Next, a loop around my elbows that wasn't very tight yet, but of which I was confident it was tight enough. It allowed me to tie its knot behind my back where I wasn't going to be able to rech it in a minute and still be able to bring my wrists close enough together.
Last, the handcuffs. Checking a final time I had a reasonably clear path from where I sat to the keys, I locked first one wrist into the cuff and then had to shift and stretch a bit to be able to reach the other wrist in the cuff. Finally the other cuff closed and I was bound again, securely..

For a while I struggled and tested my bonds. This time, there was no knot in reach. Everything was behind my back and my wrists were locked in front of me. My arms barely had any movement at all due to the fact my wrists were tied in front of me and my elbows snuggly behind me. If I were to get loose, I had to reach the keys.

For a moment I contemplated falling over to my side. but I didn't know how much movement I'd then have. Also I might hurt myself. (wimp..) Slowly, I took my time inching forward. I had tied my ankles, but not the rest of my legs, and I could inch myself forward slowly by taking babysteps on my lower legs. With a hard wooden floor, that is not comfortable.. Yet, that was the least of my worries when I met the doorpost. At this time I was happy I hadn't fallen over, because that would have meant that I probably would'nt have been able to pass the door... (Yikes!) Note to self: A doorframe hurts more than a flat floor! (I suppose that endurance was part of the fun I put myself in... Still, it wasn't easy..) Finally reaching the key, I figured out I had another problem. I couldn't bend over enough to pick it up... The elbow tie didn't allow enough room. I wobbled back a few inch and fell over! (CRAP that hurts when you can't brace yourself!) Then, shifting orientation, I could reach the keys and after some fumbling around, untie myself.

I Suck at planning.
- I used a new release mechanism of which I Did know it would work safely but didn't know (exactly) how long it would last.
- As of yet, I'm still unable to tie myself securely in any interesting position on a bed, without finding a means to escape. For next session I might try and find padlocks, or maybe use the handcuffs and an ice release for the keys..

But I need something to keep me busy while tied up on a bed for that duration.
The struggling for the key was more fun and the reason I couldn't get out without the key was because I used a locking mechanism that didn't involve knots, I suppose.

All in all, not entirely a bad day, of 2 hours of rope play.

*Reads back..*
How come I always write so longwinded..? πŸ˜•
Way to go Daemon!😁

Always great to hear another SB session has been completed without anything worse than a few frustrations - better safe than sorry!

But... only 2hrs, when you had all day? πŸ€” As my school reports always used to say 'could do better' and 'must try harder'

Only kidding! πŸ˜‹ You should do what YOU want to do - and it's so good to hear another person's experiences, both good or bad.

Many thanks for sharing

Yea, I know.. 'Only 2 hours'.. πŸ˜‹ But I only had one day, and it was not Exactly the only thing on my list to do.. It seems like ages since I had any time on myself in the first place and other hobbies drew attention as well... (Busy time at work..)

This evening, me and GF are going to look after parent's cats. Dad has a garage, equipped with a ceiling winch. Lets see if he's got the garage empty and in good shape. We had fun there last time.. ^_^ Too bad my GF doesn't let me post pictures of that..
(27 Feb 2010, 12:27 )Daemon Wrote: Too bad my GF doesn't let me post pictures of that..

Even with the faces "photoshopped" out? ;-P

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