Updated on Jun 18, 2011 @ 03:05:

Bought 6 pairs (for me, my wife and my daughter) with 70% discount (€4) in de Bijenkorf. Those who live in NL can still find XL and XXL sizes. The colours are not that interesting (very dark grey and brown), but at this price and with this quality…

They are tight, especially considering their thickness, very transparent, have almost no reinforcement (even around the seams!). My daughter was the first one who tried them on and when I asked her about the pantyhose, she answered: “What pantyhose? I do not feel anything on my legs”.

Published on Mar 23, 2011 @ 13:40:
Almost bought these pantyhose on Saturday in De Bijenkorf, but decided to wait for a sale. The look of the fabric and the description are very promising. I would (hm.. will) definitely wear this Second Skin with shorts or breeches this spring and summer.

They are called Oroblu Pearl 15 Second Skin, have glossy sheen (I think their shine and transparency are sufficient to wear them in public ;-) and the following “features” according to the description:

  • Progress 3-dimension technology.
  • Smooth “Silk-like” pleasant feel.
  • Sheer from waist to toe.
  • Flat seams
  • Formed in shape of leg for natural look.
  • Fibre Content: 60% Nylon & 40% (yes, forty!!!) Elastane

Any sales or discounts – please let me know.

Update: Just found them on eBay DE: Oroblu Pearl 15